Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wow, yesterday was tough. Not only were we in the middle of a nasty wind storm and temps at 10 degrees but I was doing the "dancin with the devil underground" thing again. Whew, glad today is a new day. My kids happen to be very LIVELY children and normally I celebrate and love it, but yesterday I needed a day to return to Zen mode and there was not a silent moment in the entire day! I was grumpy and not very nice.

The day started out pretty good though. Yesterday was Tanya's birthday! We went to the Sports Complex and walked the track for two miles, ahhh that felt good. I have gotten quite out of shape and it is time to get back into shape before I get too close to 40! Tonight we are going to yoga. We signed up for 10 days of yoga for $10 bucks, can't beat that. After walking yesterday we went to our favorite pit stop, Vagabond Blues, for soup and some coffee and then headed over to Bishops Attic for some second-hand shopping. Then we came back to my house to relax and have some tea. But there wasn't any relaxing happening at the Snavley house yesterday! Ah well, I'm glad that my kids REALLY LIVE LIFE!! They are a constant inspiration to me even though we aren't always on the same frequency. Part of it is that they are dying to get out and rollerblade, bike, hike, swim, all those "summer" things. And there is no spring around the corner at this point. We are having pretty cold weather for this time of year and everyone has cabin fever!

Calista has been writing songs, she just loves to sing and play her guitar. She wants lessons quite badly so we are going to look into that for this spring and summer. Kevin also wants guitar, piano, and voice lessons; I want to get back to clogging and taking some guitar lessons also...... so, the question is, where is that darn money tree growing anyway?

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