Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I got tagged by my sis, Ren, which is probably a good thing because I haven't had much time to blog and my last two blogs are definitely not extremely exciting. I also got tagged by Katy and Vicki (myspace) on another one that maybe I will do in a day or two.

So here's the meme:

1) Post a note about a blogger you would like to see something wonderful happen for. Maybe one whose posts have touched your heart in one way or another. Include details as to why you admire them and what you wish for them. Be as supporting and affirming as you can.

2) Post your favorite memory around selflessness, giving,or doing for others. Something that has actually changed you.

3) As a postscript, name one thing you will actually do for someone in your life before December 31 that is born out of joy.

4) Tag 3 other bloggers who will play the game and find the spirit. Don't forget to leave a comment on their blog so they continue to share the good feelings.

1) Wow, I feel like a copycat but I too was thinking of Diana Jenner; a woman I really don't know except for the little communication that we've done through unschooling lists, Myspace, and blogger. An amazing human being who lost both her husband and daughter to cancer and is raising her son alone; although, now has the help of a boyfriend. I'm sure she has some very dark hours but keeps living an abundant life, full of spunk and rebelliousness (the good kind). She celebrates life, celebrates her daughter's life and is just an incredible inspiration to me. I wish her a prosperous life in Corvallis and LOTS and LOTS of good luck.

2) I can think of several off the top of my head. The most recent one that keeps coming back to my attention was when I was in a metaphysical sort-of-store a couple of weeks ago and a woman was admiring a piece of quartz, or something of the sort, that was tagged at $125. She asked the store owner if she gave Christmas discounts to which the store owner replied, "Tell me one thing that you have done for humanity this year." The woman answered that she worked for hospice and the store owner gave her the piece for $75. It just touched me and I can't exactly explain why. I find myself often asking myself the same question, "Heidi, what have you done for humanity today?" Lovely, just lovely! Sometimes even a simple little smile can be a selfless act for others, especially when we don't really feel like it, because of the ripple effect that it can have, not only on the people immediately surrounding us, but on the rest of humanity. We often feel so different from one another but we are all very much connected by the same energy; we all experience the same emotions and are much more the same than we think. Everything we do has a profound effect on the rest of mankind. That ripple effect!

3) I will continue to be the rock in Christa's life; the young girl that I blogged about in my prior post. Almost every adult in her life has disposed of her when they can't deal with her anymore. I will continue to let her know that I'm the rock, I'm here and I'm not going anywhere. There is nothing she could do to make me go away. I will support her financially when she is in need of something and I will be here to give her a hug when she is sad and lonely. And along the way we will continue to have fun. She has brought so much positive energy into my home, has such a positive outlook on life, and is SO interesting and creative!

I will also continue to be the ever present person in my children's life. I will give them everything I have to give and I will take care of and love myself so that I have something to give. I will teach them about joy and peace by having joy and peace in my own life. I will continue to honor them as fellow and capable human beings, by letting them be who they were born to be without interference, and being their soft place to land when they make mistakes. I will choose to use words and actions that build them up, not break them down. I will love them unconditionally!

I will let my friends and family know, out loud, how much I love and care for them and how much joy they add to my life. Off the top of my head- Ren and Robin, my husband and children, Sheli, Debbie, Tanya, and many others who make my life as wonderful as it is. I seriously couldn't make it without you guys- you are the bomb!!

And last of all, I will strive to be the best yoga teacher possible. To offer the gift of learning to be present, breathing, and getting to know and accept ourselves. Again, I will use words and actions to build people up and help them to be better human beings.

4) I'm tagging my son Kev, Kelli, and Karen.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I think this is the longest I have ever went without blogging. So much has gone on this last month it is hard to know where to begin. I will try and keep it brief.

The first part of December was spent putting together a gingerbread house for the yoga studio. The City of Palmer had a contest with the downtown businesses and Heather and I volunteered to make one for the studio. It was a lot of fun and VERY time consuming. We figure we have about 14 hours total into the house.
I finished my yoga teacher training on December 14!! I am officially a certified yoga instructor. The only thing left to do is to send my certificiation, along with my fees, to Yoga Alliance and I will be registered. It has been a very positive experience and a time of some major personal growth. I'm working with some incredibly wonderful people and am very happy in where I am at in my life.
Around the same time I was finishing my teacher training our septic backed up and flooded our basement. What we thought was going to be a simple carpet cleaning and a day digging up our septic turned into a major remodel project in the basement. Turns out we had a mold problem and everything had to be ripped out, including some sheetrock and studs. The good thing about it is the insurance paid us enough money to finish our entire basement. We had started on a remodel project that we were unable to finish because we ran out of money so now we can finish it!! So..... blessing in disguise. It hasn't been fun but in the long run we will be thankful.
Calista's birthday was Tuesday so I took her, Rylee (her cousin), and Haley (her good friend) into Anchorage for the day. We went to Red Robin's for lunch and had the crew sing to her, shopping at the mall, and then to the theatre to watch Enchanted. Last night we had the family over for cake and ice cream. It was also Dina's birthday (her dog) so we had a puppy party.
Of course, we have had the normal last minute shopping trips, trying to make Christmas a special day for the kids. I'm not a big fan of Christmas but it is enjoyable to watch the kids get excited. We've had this incredible young girl that has been spending much of her time over at our house, including overnight most weekends. Her home life isn't exactly peachy keen and we wanted to make this Christmas memorable for her. We (our family, Murphy family, and the Walker family) filled a stocking, plus a bag full of things that she loves, and at the very bottom of the stocking we had an i pod. She wouldn't have dreamed of even putting something like that on her list because I don't think she could have even imagined something like that was within her reach. She lifted it out of the stocking, was a little stunned, almost as if she thought it was a pretend one, and then it sunk in and she started to cry. It was so fun to make her smile and excited about the holidays. Those are the kinds of moments that I live for. She couldn't quit saying thank you the entire evening and we definitely made her year special.
Today I'm off to my sisters to do laundry. My laundry room is in the basement, unfortunately, so it won't be put back together for at least another week.
Merry Christmas to everyone!!