Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Well, we got signed up to volunteer with the Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue. They didn't have much for us to do on Saturday but this coming up Saturday they have a bunch of puppies to transport to Anchorage, where they will be adopted out at the PetCo. So we will help transport them to Anchorage and then each of us will be assigned to a puppy to take care of for the day. The kids are very excited about it and Calista asks me every day, "How many more days?"

Saturday night we went to our local coffee shop for some Irish music. We go to Vagabonds every Saturday, in the morning, but we have never went for the local music on Friday and Saturday nights. My friend, Tanya, and her family met us there and we had a good time; ate wonderful soup and pasta and listened to the music.

It is still pretty cold here. It has been around 20-25 during the day. March should be at least 40 degrees and in April 50 degrees is average. I think everyone has cabin fever REALLY bad!! We were dreaming about Palm Springs and San Antonio last night!! The kids were feeling such a strong need to get out of the house that we went for a french fry run at 10:30 last night! We are all just ready to get the rollerblades, bikes, and hiking shoes out. I'm also anxious to get the motorhome out from behind the snow berm.


tribalmama said...

Look at that beautiful mama! Hoping the weather shares some warmth and sun with you soon! We're enjoying Sacramento with lots of bike riding and long days spent playing by the river. We'll be here until the 21st of April! hint, hint, wink wink! :)

Snavleys said...

No need for hints, I would LOVE to join you for a while. Martin JUST started bringing in a steady income, as all the properties that were pending are closing now and he has pendings clear out to July so we will be doing great after all! We don't see him much but it is nice to have income again! If it was July I would probably be REALLY tempted.