Friday, March 16, 2007

Cold but beautiful!

Well, this cold weather is just not giving up!! It has been hanging around 10 and the wind has kicked up again. The wind makes it pretty brutal when the air is so cold. But, again......the mountains have been SOOOOOO beautiful. I just will never lose my awe for their beauty. It is one thing I LOVE about where I live!! Here are some more pictures from a couple of days ago. Unfortunately I don't have a REALLY nice camera and I am not a photographer so my pictures don't capture them quite as grand as they look in real life. Kevin and I are taking a photography class, starting next month, so maybe I can learn to take better pictures.

I have been doing yoga, trying to go at least 3-4 times a week, have made it three times so far this week. I feel so balance and rejuvenated, it's quite addictive. I am feeling stronger and more aligned and quite Zen-like!! I have been mostly doing the Bikraam yoga, which is done in a heated room (about 90 degrees or more) so that is a big plus for me! I love the heat!! My skin has been really clear and soft too, which I think is probably from sweating out all the toxins and opening up my pores.

I have also been going back to the vegan lifestyle. I felt so good when I was eating vegan and haven't felt the same since I went back to dairy so I am trying new recipes and posting them on my vegan blog. Last night was Thai Lentil Soup and fresh rolls.......Yuuuuuuummmyy!

Calista and Tristan are both showing a strong interest in dog grooming so I have been calling around to the dog groomers in town but none of them are willing to have two kids hanging around because of the liability. So I called the Puppy Rescue to see if we can volunteer our time brushing and playing with the dogs and helping out at the adoption clinics they have every week. I hope that it will be enough to fuel their interest at this point. Our dogs have been getting extra attention in that area and Calista has transformed her room into a dog groomers business. I will also have to find some good books on grooming. The kids know how to do the basics but they want MORE.

Other than that, another pretty quiet week around here. We all have cabin fever pretty bad, especially the kids right now. Our local mall is being taken over by Target so all the stores are having big sales right now. Gottschalks will be going out of business here so everything in the store is 70% off. So we went over there yesterday, with our friends Tanya and Sarah. I got some really nice necklaces and earrings for $5 and $6 and a couple of shirts for $6 each, can't beat that. The boys bought tribal pendants (good tattoo ideas) and Calista bought a journal. After that we went bowling, which we haven't done in a while. It's nice that we FINALLY have some income coming in, it's been a few months. Martin has lots of things pending right now, has continued to pend one or two properties every week and has closings scheduled clear up to July so it looks like we are going to be fine! Phewww!! I learned some good lessons, not having money, but it does get old after a while. Definitely nice to not have to continually say no to the kids for everything!


Heather said...

You got some great pictures Heidi...I need to get into Gottshalks soon! I can't believe we aren't going to have a mall anymore...kind of sad....

Snavleys said...

A new mall is being built up on the hill between Cottonwood Creek and Lowes. It looks like Best Buy is going in, Chilies, Applebees, and one other box store but I can't remember which one. There will be little strip malls coming off those box stores for our local shops.

kelli said...

Beautiful pictures Heidi! We have none of that. The other day when we were over in Fargo/Moorhead (ND area) we looked over to the horizon (prairie country) and saw this line of clouds, right where the sun was coming up. We decided to pretend that we had some mountains out there. *g*

Thanks for sharing your mountains :D

Ren said...

It ws 81 degrees here today!! Hurray for living in the South. snark, snark.:)

Your kiddos just need to hang out with Kelly Lovejoy for a while...she'll learn 'em some grooming techniques.