Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Addition

This last couple of days has just been the cherry on top of an already wonderful week.

The Puppy Rescue called yesterday to confirm our volunteering today. In the course of the conversation it came up that Calista was still searching for the "perfect dog" for herself and, what do you know, the rescue had a "puggle", a pug/beagle mix puppy. So, of course we had to go look! There were actually three of them and Calista fell in love with one of the girls, Dina. So our family just expanded by one! She will not likely get bigger than 15 lbs and is a total snuggle with a cute underbite. The kids think she looks like a baby goat, lol.

We volunteered again, at the adoption clinic, and we had to take Dina with us because she is just too little to be left alone all day. We made a little sling for Calista so she could pack Dina around with her all day. Calista is a good little mommy and people were quite impressed. She got lots of attention and I think because of it we helped get the other two adopted. Her sister and brother weren't at the clinic because they just got over a virus and can't be handled too much and around that much activity. After the clinic two couples went over to the foster home and were looking at them, so hopefully they both went to good homes today too. It was a very rewarding day as 16 puppies got placed in good homes, along with two of the adult dogs.

My kids are REALLY enjoying doing this volunteer work and want to continue doing the clinics every Saturday. They have been a tremendous help; they pitch right in and do what needs to be done, including cleaning pee and poop and bleaching out kennels. I'm really proud of them.

Another side benefit to this new puppy is that Tristan's nurturing instincts have kicked in. He has been SOOOoooooo sweet to Calista and helps her take care of the puppy. I looked out the window last night and watched the two of them walking down the road with the puppy, laughing and talking with one another. Talk about an ah..ha moment!!


Heather said...

Great pictures of Calista...I think the kids had fun today...they are extremely quiet and beat right now!

tribalmama said...

Oh, Dina is so cute! You guys are giving me puppy fever! My boys want one (each, yikes!) but our big dog just takes up too much room right now. Someday, for sure...

Snavleys said...

They are a lot of work, those puppies. I'm back to being a bit tired but she is really good. She sleeps all night but she starts her day at 6:00! I'm usually in a coma at 6:00!!! It only lasts for a few months though and this is it for us, no more puppies. They have all turned out to be very good dogs though and they are very easy.

Ren said...

Too cute! She really is a sweetie.

I think we've finally found the perfect breed for our family (for now anyway)'s an Italian Greyhound. Basically a mini-greyhound. They look a bit alien, but I think Sierra would be in heaven.

I'll have to show her the pics of Callie and Dina.:)

Snavleys said...

So, will Bleu allow it? lol Dina has been SOOOOO easy. She is sleeping 8-10 hours at night without going potty. Usually she wakes up around 6-7 to go out and then snuggles in bed with me for another two hours. She burrows into the covers against my body and starts snoring. She is already sitting on command, learned it in about an hour. She never barks unless the cat gets too close to her because she knows the cat is a brat. I didn't know a dog could be this easy!!