Tuesday, March 06, 2007

MY dog!

Okay, is this MY dog or what? Kevin can think what he wants but this is definitely MY dog. Does anyone know a dog that gets cold and wants to nap in front of the heater? Calista has been taking this out at night, during the nighttime hustle and bustle in the kitchen, and lies down in front of it in the kitchen. Billie has decided that Calista puts the heater out just for her. Tonight she even had a blanket in front of it to lie on. I guess I never have to worry about her when we are in Texas or California in the middle of the summer! Yay for me!! And actually Dante is the same way because I constantly find him sleeping on top of the heater vent. And this is in a house with a wood stove going most of the time! I love it!

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