Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spring just around the corner?.....NOT!!

Oh boy, we are in for a long week! We are having 0 degree weather at the moment with high winds, supposed to be up to 85 mph gusts. It is pretty brutal out there. Our problem is that we don't have wind directional caps on either our furnace or our woodstove so......the woodstove can't be going because it blows the smoke back into the house, and the furnace blows cold air as much as it blows warm air because it can't prove itself. What a pain!! I will be layered up today and wearing my nice, warm, cozy slippers! This is supposed to last at least until next Tues., could last longer but the weather report only reports that far out.

The Iditarod starts this weekend and the kids are wanting to follow the mushers on the map, as to where they are at and when they are reporting into the different checkpoints along the trail. I am so not into the dog mushing scene but it is part of Alaskan culture. We were hoping to go up to the headquarters today and try to get a map of the trail so we can follow along. There is a museum up there too and we have never been there so I'm sure it will be interesting. I hate driving when the winds are so high though because it knocks you around a little. The joys of living in Wasilla, Alaska!!

On a VERY HAPPY note - Martin and I have decided, if finances allow this fall, that we are going to take the motorhome south again this fall. The kids and I will be on our own most of the time, with Martin flying down twice in the three months that we will be traveling. Our plan is to head to my sister, Ren's, first and attend the Live and Learn Unschooling Conference outside of Asheville and go to the Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough. Then we are planning on traveling down to San Antonio to visit my aunt and uncle, Martin's aunt and uncle, and possibly Martin's sister, as there is talk of their family moving to that area. Then we will head up the west coast towards home with several stops along the way. I am SO excited!! If we can manage this every fall/winter I can handle the Alaska thing for a while longer. The kids are really excited too, knowing that they are coming home, to their house and the things that are familiar, when it is done.


kelli said...

Live and Learn?! Yay!! I hope you can come down for it! :)

Heather said...

I'm sure knowing you will be getting away must help get you thru the winter! I am happy b/c I know next week it will get warmer here. I've been stuck in the house over 24 hours and I am ready to go somewhere. LOL. Most highways are closed here from blowing snow or ice.

I hope you all get some warmer weather soon!

Snavleys said...

Heather, I can totally relate! I am getting very tired of winter. I'm ready to get out and rollerblade, hike, kayak; those are my kind of things!! We are still in the middle of a wind storm and temps hanging around 10 degrees, maybe 15 right now. Not supposed to warm up until next weekend!

tribalmama said...

Oh, Heidi! That's wonderful news! Enjoy every second of anticipation and of the real trip, itself!! Maybe we'll bump into each other somewhere along the way!! ooo, ooo, ooo, exciting!

Snavleys said...

Well, if not by accident, certainly on purpose Karen!!! I'm not traveling 2500 miles down the Alaskan Hwy and not bumping into you sister!!

Steffi said...

Hi Heidi!Thanks for your stopping in my blog.It´s interesting to hear that your son is member of a choir too!Yeah...and he want come to Europe!That´s great.Next year my daughter come with her choir to USA,Michigan to visit the Blue Lake choir.In last summer I had some members of Blue Lake in my family here.That was great!
Okay,see you later!

I hope you get spring weather soon!

Ren said...

Ren better get her act together and figure out how to make Live and Learn happen!!:)
I can't let you have ALL the fun.