Wednesday, March 28, 2007

great week!

It's been a great week!

The kids and I volunteered at the puppy adoption clinic on Saturday. We transported two puppies and a dog into Anchorage and then helped out at the clinic where needed. One lady gushed how helpful and pleasant my kids were and what a joy they were to be around. The kids loved holding the puppies and watching them go off to good homes. We will be volunteering this Saturday again because the kids enjoyed it so much.

On Sunday Kev and his friends wanted to go snowboarding up at Hilltop. Kevin Sampley's mom went up there with them and we helped haul kids in, since there wasn't enough room in her car. The kids agreed to let Tristan go with them, which is a VERY BIG deal for Tristan. Kev gets to do a lot with his friends because they are old enough, and very independent, to go do stuff on their own. Tristan isn't as independent and isn't really old enough to be dropped off at the theatre and things like that. So he was really excited that they were letting him go with them. They all had such a good time and it was a great way to try and enjoy the cold weather even though we are ready for spring.

While they were snowboarding Martin, Calista, and I went shopping!! Martin finally has steady income coming our way, after three months without. He is pending and closing on properties every week and has things pending clear out to July. It's a good feeling after the uncertainty of a new career. They were having an awesome sale at Penney's; everything in the kids department was buy one/get one for $1. Calista got a ton of clothes for less than I would normally spend on one season. She was pretty excited. Martin got some jeans for buy one/get one free, which was even better.

Since the boys need clothes worse than anyone I ended up taking them back into town on Monday, since it was the last day of that sale. Kev's friend, Sara, wanted to go with, and then her mom decided to tag along too. Calista stayed home with our other friend, Sarah, since Martin was working late. We had such a good time. I just love hanging out with my kids and I get along great with Sharon. Even though Sara is not unschooled, Sharon gets the unschooling philosophy so we have some great conversations. And the kids are very entertaining!! Tristan sits quietly in the background taking everything in and then when you are least expecting it, offers his two cents. The kids got lots of clothes and then we tried to go to a movie but the kids wanted to see a horror, that Sharon and I didn't care to see, and the theatre wouldn't let them in unless we were actually in the theatre with them (free country......right!) so we left and went to a Japanese restaurant. It was just a really great evening and I hope we do it again sometime soon.

Yesterday was Martin's birthday! We had a party planned for him, with about 15 people coming. We kept it a surprise until he told me the night before that he wasn't going to be home until 8:00. So I kind of had to tell him that we planned something and he very nicely explained that he didn't really want a bunch of people over for his birthday, he just isn't really a crowd person, so I ended up canceling. He felt really bad but he feels like he has momentum going with his job and doesn't want to mess with it. We have to stash before next winter hits :) He did end up getting home earlier than planned and the kids and I ordered Papa Murphy's pizza and had some cakes ready. Calista made some little decorations and put them up all over the house. My sister and niece were over to celebrate too, just right for Martin. The kids picked out the cutest cards that really reflected their personalities. Often when the kids are in negotiations with their Dad he will jokingly say, "Well, I'm the boss." Then the kids will say, "No, mom's the boss." Tristan got Martin this card that says, "On your birthday, Dad, Wear this button to show your position of authority in the family!" The button says I'M THE BOSS and then underneath it says, "But don't forget to give it back to Mom in the morning!"

Anyone that knows our family knows that no one person is "the boss" in our family, but that we all work as partners but it is a funny joke and the kids love it because Martin isn't around all that much, so most of the running of the household is in my court.

This past week was great!! There just seems to be some very positive energy circulating through our house right now and it feels good!! And it is warming up a little bit too. It looks like spring might start this weekend, as it is supposed to be melting temperatures....yay!!


tribalmama said...

Sounds like a great week! I was happy to read your cheerful post!
Happy Birthday to Martin!

Heather said...

I wish I would have known about that sale!!! My kids are outgrowing everything lately too...I just went and got all the kids stuff at Freddies...they had some pretty good sales but not as great as JC Penny!

Glad you had a great week...sounds fun working with the puppies!

sheli said...

I loved the posting! I can just see all of it taking place and it makes me smile BIG!!! Thank you so much for the birthday phone calls! I, like Martin preferred a nice quiet family birthday this year. Something about it felt just perfect! Your week sounded great Heidi, I'm so glad to hear it!

Have a GREAT day!!!
Love you,

Ren said...

Ah...maybe spring is bringing some positive energy your way.:)

Give Martin a big Birthday hug for all of us, wish we were there (or maybe you guys here instead) to celebrate. Congrats on the house deals all comes together eventually eh?:)