Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Bestest Friend

I got a visit from my "bestest friend" this week. Sarah was visiting her auntie in Seattle and Sheli flew into Anchorage to meet her for the leg back to Fairbanks. I ran into Anchorage to spend a few precious hours with her.

Sheli is one of the few friends in my life that loves me just as I am. I met Sheli when we were both pregnant with our oldest children, Kevin and Kayla. When the kids were 4 and ended up in the same preschool (the only experience of school for Kev) is when our friendship really sparked. 11 wonderful years! She has been here through births and deaths, joys and sorrow, moves, relationship problems, family problems, and lots and lots of fun. Next to my family she knows me better than any other person and she still loves me! She knows all my little quirkies and actually appreciates some of them. I love you Sheli, thank you for making my week so special.


Laura said...

Hi there, I just realized you posted a comment on my blog (for some reason I'm not getting notified - hmmmm). yep, you might've seen me on Diana Jenner's myspace page. I only have 11 friends, but she's one of them so I'm going for quality over quantity - LOL.

Glad you had a fun visit with your friend. One of MY dearest friends is from Alaska and we always hope to visit there someday!

Ren said...

Hi Sheli!:)
Nice to see two happy, shining faces in Alaska. I miss you all.