Thursday, June 14, 2007

What a night!!

Wow, what a night!!

Today was a great day; I took my 42nd yoga class!! Yay! I'm three weeks from finishing my challenge; 5 classes a week for 9 weeks. It was one of my best classes yet too. There was just some great energy and I had a neck injury last week that let loose in the middle of class and gave me some incredible relief from the pain I've had all week. The kids and I went to the lake for a little while and then came home to pack a picnic dinner for music in the park.

So we had this wonderful dinner, quite fancy for a cooler dinner and we were sitting enjoying the music with some friends. The teens started walking towards the skate park on the bike path because Hope saw some friends of hers over there. So these kids come over to talk to Hope and they turn to Kev and say, "Dude, fight me." Kev is like um, don't think so. The kids says, "Come on I need to get some energy out." Before you know it there is a big group of kids egging it on to get Kev to fight this kid. Kev is walking quickly back towards me to avoid the situation getting any worse when one kids shoves him and almost makes him do a face plant and then the other kids comes in front of him and punches him right in the face.

He gets back to us with a big fat lip and a bloody nose and I'm like 'what the heck'. I go get the park ranger and let him know that I want to press charges so he calls the Wasilla Police to report to the park. As we are waiting for the cop we witness a mother assaulting her teenage daughter and it was getting fairly violent; the child screaming and the mother pulling her hair. Unbelievable!! The ranger doesn't feel like he can do much because he is only a ranger so I tell him that if he doesn't do anything that I will. Just as he goes to try and diffuse the situation the trooper pulls up and I tell him to deal with this poor teenage girl and her mom first. The trooper says, "I think I need to just let her be a mom." I was like, "Excuse me? That doesn't work for me!" He finally agrees to go talk to them and once he deals with that we go take care of these kids at the skate park. A few of the kids came clean and their story matched Kev's, in that he had nothing to do with the fight and the kids were just being jerks. They got suspended from the park but big deal. Apparently, even if you press charges all they get is suspension and you've wasted a bunch of energy on it.

Kev was a little shaken up and he has a big whoppin headache but is otherwise okay. He is floored by the immaturity of kids that are his age. The sad thing is they don't have parents that give a crap about them.

I missed most of the music in the park but when someone messes with my kids, watch out because here comes momma bear!! I was pretty fired up!! Maybe next week will be a little more mellow.


Heather said...

OMG Heidi!! Poor Kev!!!

That's insane that NOTHING is done...If Kevin was an adult and someone came up and assaulted him it would be totally different. That sucks.

The mom/daughter situation very disturbing. Children have very little rights and unless someone will stand up for them and fight, not much can be done. Sad!

Snavleys said...

I called the Mayor's office this morning and I'm not going to stop bugging them until something is done. I've talked with the City of Palm Desert, because they have a WONDERFUL skate park, to get some ideas on how they have implemented change. I'm putting together a proposal for the Mayor and I won't leave the city alone until the implement something to make it a fun, safe place for kids. The stupid thing is that Kev wasn't even technically at the park, he was just walking along the bike path that parallel's the park. Thank goodness I was in the vicinity!

Ren said...

I really like Wasilla much less today. ARgh. What the hell is wrong with people? Children don't get protection because of their AGE?? WTF?

tribalmama said...

Wow. Unbelievable.
Thank goodness you were there, for both of those children!