Sunday, June 10, 2007

Busy Week

It's been a busy, busy week! I haven't hardly had time to get on and check my e-mails, much less to blog.

Summer decided to finally make her entrance, although by most peoples standards it could hardly be called summer. I think we did hit 70 degrees this week though, barely. Today looks like a possible over 70 degree day.

Last Saturday we spent a little time at the lake with Robin, Richard and Rylee. Richard recently aquired a boat so he took all the kids out for a ride. Still a little too chilly for me so I sat on the beach and got a little sun :) Yesterday we picked up some puppies from the rescue and delivered them to Petco, in Anchorage, for the adoption clinic. Then we went to the rennaissance fair for a few hours. The day started cloudy so I was a little worried about being cold but just as we got there the sun came out and it warmed up. Plus I had my poncho that Kelli Traaseth so kindly made for me so I was nice and cozy.

The fair was interesting. I had never been to a rennaissance fair before. I have to admit that it was a little out of my element. I don't quite know what to do with everyone that is in character. It was a fun, new experience though; good to get out of our comfort zones every once in a while. Tristan LOVED it and could have camped out there all weekend. He just thought it was so cool! He has always been a bit taken with medeival things so I wasn't actually surprised that he enjoyed it so much.

After the fair we went to dinner. I had Kev's friends, Hope and Kevin with me and Hope's parents, along with my husband, sister, and niece met us in town for dinner. They actually made it to about an hour of the fair and then we all headed over to Twin Dragon's, mongolion barbeque, for dinner. After dinner the teens got dropped off at a concert that they have been waiting to go to, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and the rest of us went and saw a movie. We didn't all agree on what we wanted to see so Robin and I took the girls to Surf's Up and Martin, Debbie, Ryan and Tristan went and saw something else, can't remember the name of the movie right now. We picked the teens up around 11:30 and headed back home. What a day!

This morning I woke up to sunshine, yay!! We have a couple of things to do to the motorhome today and it will go up on the lot this afternoon. We are praying that we haven't missed the window to be able to sell it. People in Alaska generally purchase those kinds of things in April and May and it is much harder to sell motorhomes after May. We will hope for the best. I wish my house was as clean as the motorhome, as we wiped down every single surface, nook and cranny in it. Hopefully once we are done with that we can spend some time enjoying the sun. I wanted to go to Talkeetna today but it's not looking too promising.

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Ren said...

I am SO glad you finally made it to a Ren Faire!!! After my pestering you about it years ago.:)
I just knew the kids would enjoy it. There is a HUGE Ren Faire every year down in the Nashville area. Maybe we can all make it one day.

Miss you guys!! We've been aching for Alaska lately....wah.