Friday, June 15, 2007


I got this picture from a magazine ad for Dove. I just love this picture because this is an amazingly beautiful woman but she is not the picture of how our society defines beauty. The ad says:



When did beauty become limited by age? It's time to think, talk and learn how to make beauty real again.

I love it!! At what point did society decide that the stretched plastic, 'I want to look young but I really don't' look is beautiful? Why are people always trying to attain this "perfection" of beauty, this eternal youth kind of beauty? Why do we worship youth so much? I think this woman is so beautiful, so much more beautiful than fake, perky boobs and stretched faces.


Ren said...

Hear, hear!:)
She has lines that show LIFE. Cool.

There is a woman that lives here in town, who married a rich man and has had so much obvious plastic surgery she really does look fake. It's not pretty. It's rather sad really.

I love the photo.

Glenda said...

I love the photo, too! I'd much rather look at a man or woman who has life lines than one whose face is taught. I especially love when people start developing "crow's feet" -- I don't think of them as wrinkles; I think of them as smile lines!!

I once heard an artist say she'd much rather draw faces of older people, because they have all those lovely lines that give character to the face. I appreciated that perspective.