Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Great Weekend

What a wonderful, perfectly relaxing weekend this was.

Saturday my friend, Debbie, picked me up at 8:00 am for some garage sale-ing. We went and got a coffee and were planning on just going around for a couple of hours. A couple of hours turned into the entire day! In the process we ended up with Martin in the backseat, after he decided to take the afternoon off, and my sister and niece also after picking them up on the way to a garage sale by their house. We had lunch at our favorite coffee shop, Vagabond Blues, and got a ton of "treasures". It was a successful day of garage sale-ing! Even Calista scored with a few sweaters and shirts, some jewelry, seashell collection, and an authentic mancala game from Guam.

Martin had watched Emeril Live on Friday night and decided to try out the recipe on everyone Saturday night. So everyone convened at our house Saturday night for an awesome mushroom fettucine, greek salad, and bread from Vagabond Blues. It was gone with everyone's first serving!! We all voted on Martin cooking for everyone EVERY Saturday night through the summer :) All the teens crashed at our house for the night, girls went home around midnight.

Sunday was a quiet day. We hung out and got a few things done around the house. Martin spent most of the afternoon doing mending (don't tell his friends ;) . I painted some old folding chairs to spiff them up a little and did a little cleaning.

Monday we had a barbeque with my sister's family and my dad and his wife over at my sister's house. Did a little shopping with my sister in the evening. The teens crashed at our house again. I love that they like to hang out here and am working on a little "snack room" with a microwave and refrigerator and I will stock up with a bunch of junk food for them. They will all be driving in another year and I want this to be "central station".

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