Friday, May 25, 2007

My Good Friends

In follow up to yesterday's blog...............................Kind of ironic, well not really because these moments happen every day in my life, but after I blogged yesterday Calista wanted to go to the lake to run Dina around and just enjoy the sunshine. Tristan was happily playing Runescape with one of his good friends so he didn't want to go. Kev was just hanging out, and he has been so busy lately that we haven't really sat down and chit chatted for a couple of weeks ,so I asked if he wanted to go to the lake with us.

It was such a lovely time! Calista ran back and forth with Dina and made some new friends at the lake. Of course, everyone thinks Dina is so cute that she meets all kinds of people coming up to her and asking about her puppy. Kev and I sat on a bench in the sun and had a wonderful conversation. We talked about religion, politics, tattoos, computers, people. We talked about how parents treat their children and how sad some of their tactics are and how lucky we are that we live outside of that norm. I was talking with one of my very best friends!! I just enjoyed our afternoon and was thankful that my children really are my very good friends!

After we got home we made dinner and ate and headed into Anchorage for the premier of Pirates. We met a bunch of his friends and their mom's at the mall and then went to the theatre from there. It was 10:00 when the movie started, it's a three hour movie, and we were in Anchorage (45 min. from home) so you can imagine what time we got home - oh, about 2:20am. It was a good time but I think I missed a bit of the last half because I kept falling asleep.

I just love hanging out with my kids and I really do love my life!!

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tribalmama said...

How cool! I love that you are there in your journey, so that I may dream of the kinds of amazing things that are in my future! Hope you got a nap today!