Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm having trouble blogging the last couple of weeks because it just seems there is not a lot to share lately. We are just going about our daily business as usual, nothing too profound or exciting.

I have been going to yoga every week day and am getting to the point where I crave it every day. I've mostly been doing Bikraam, which is done in a heated room - usually around 105 degrees. My skin has really opened up and I really sweat during class. I sweat so much that it certainly doesn't seem like it is that hot most of the time. My Friday class was 114 degrees and that was hot! I made it through the entire class though - 1 1/2 hours. I'm definitely toning up, feel a LOT more energetic, and am feeling myself coming into alignment. I have had trouble with my hip/shoulder alignment for quite a few years and I am finally starting to feel a difference.

Kevin is into the spring choir performances, so for the next week and a half he has two school tours (down to one now because we did one yesterday), two dress rehearsals, and three concerts. They may do a tour up to Fairbanks in a few weeks too and then he will be done for the summer. Him and his friend, Sara, are starting to do lap swimming at the pool to get back in shape for this fall. He has decided to swim competitively again. We are excited about that because he was pretty good and somewhere along the line lost his passion for it. We really enjoyed watching him so it will be fun to see how he does with it now, especially since his body has gone through so many changes in the last two years.

Tristan started the second puppy class with Dante. Since Dante is a little "ADD" we decided to just put him in the class and apply what we learn with the other dogs, at home.

The weather is ever so slowly warming up. We have had a few days at 60 degrees but nothing warmer than that yet. The last few days have been filled with rain and hail but the sun is trying to peak through today. The kids enjoy being outdoors, even if it isn't real warm. Just to have no snow is a big deal for them. I'm looking forward to a little warmer weather so I can go hiking. I have some good hikes planned for this summer and I am ready to get started. If all works out Martin and I will hike Pioneers Peak this fall; a very long, challenging hike for us. I don't know if Martin's hip is going to hold up though. He has arthritis in his hip, which is degenerating and giving him fits lately. We are looking at a hip replacement within the next few years but are trying to wait it out, as the technology is getting better and better.

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kelli said...

Ooh, on the hip front. My brother is going in for partial hip replacement next month. I'll let you guys know about any info I find out about it.

Sorry to hear he's having those issues, not fun. :(