Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Our time in Palm Springs coming to an end

We have five days left in Palm Springs so our time here is coming to an end. We have had a really wonderful time and it has been great to spend time with family and get to know them a little better. This last week has been pretty quiet, haven't done much. We took the kids to a movie this week, went to lunch at a Thai restaurant with Jenette and Jathan (everyone knows that is our favorite!!!), and did more normal day-to-day things. Sunday we went to church, Thai (again), and then took the kids to this really cool park to rollerblade. This park has sidewalks running around and through it, a pond with bridges across it, a playground, pavilions, etc. It was a very fun place to rollerblade. Yesterday we went to the Living Desert, which is pretty much a botanical garden and zoo but it all has to do with the desert. We learned a bit and saw some very interesting plants and animals.

The kids had been wondering about the Palm Trees and wanted to know which ones, if any, were native to California. We found out, at the Living Desert, that only the Fan Palms are native to California. Martin and I were thinking that none of them were but we were wrong. Now we want to do some research and find out where the other ones came from! I am saying somewhere in the middle east and Martin is saying somewhere in Africa but not necessarily the same area so........................we are going to find out.

We are taking it easy today, we may go rollerblading later but mostly just catching up on things around the motorhome. On Thursday we are going into LA. Martin and I aren't really that thrilled about it because we have both been there and we don't feel that there is anything worth going back to but the kids really want to see what it is all about. We want to save Universal Studios for Orlando so we may just go down to Venice beach or something. The weather has been fairly warm, around 75 degrees and it is supposed to be 80 the rest of this week so the beach doesn't sound too bad, definitely a lot nicer than the 62 degrees we had when they were boogie boarding in Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara.

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