Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Still here in Palm Springs

We are still in Palm Springs and will be here for another 12 days or so. We have been up to Joshua Tree to climb on rocks (Tristan enjoyed that the most), antique shopping, the date place to try date shakes (not my favorite but Martin loves them) and to learn about how dates are grown and , of course, lots of trips to the grocery store. There are 11 of us here so it is constant cooking and doing dishes, Jenette does most of the cooking and Lois has done most of the dishes. I am not sure how helpful I have been :). The men have gotten quite a bit done on the yard work, poor Jenette's house is getting tore up so hopefully that addition will go up fast! We have been attending a wonderful church here that makes us feel like we are home and makes us miss our church family in Wasilla! We have received a warm welcome though and people are always so impressed when they find out you are from Alaska, it is a great conversation starter.

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