Friday, January 06, 2006

Another great day!!

We left Newport this morning. We were able to stay at a lovely RV Resort where individuals own their slots and it is set up much like a condo. They had an indoor pool, small arcade, and were right on the beach. We had a great time swimming and it is so peaceful being on the ocean!! It was quite windy last night so we brought the slides in, which makes it a little cramped but we survived. We headed down to the bayfront and went to the Underwater Sea, Wax Works, and Ripley's Believe it or Not; all very cheesy, touristy things but the kids thought it was all GREAT so I guess it was worth the money. I have to admit that I enjoyed the Ripley's.

We headed towards California around 4:00 pm and made it into Crescent City around 10:15 pm. We are going to tour around the Redwood Forest tomorrow morning and then head towards San Francisco. We don't expect to make it all the way tomorrow but within 100 miles or less. We are all still doing great, so far! No major bumps or anything! We are all settled fairly well and having a good time!

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