Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Here in Desert Hot Springs (Palm Springs)

We arrived in Desert Hot Springs around 2:00 pm on Friday to even warmer weather (70-73 degrees). Can you tell I am concerned with temperature? It is such a relief to be able to spend time outside without a jacket!! Jathan invited Kevin to go snowboarding on Saturday and, of course, he accepted. They left around 5:30 am (can you believe Kevin woke up that early?). He gets along so well with adults and older kids (young adults) so it was good for him to be able to go with them. He had an absolutely wonderful time but was quite sore over the next few days. He didn't hardly leave the motorhome for two days because he was so sore. He is feeling much better today and getting out and about.

Lizz and Kirk were here for the weekend because they had a wedding to attend in San Diego area. Kirk and the rest of the guys started helping John with some of the yard and dirt work that needs to be done to get their addition started, on Saturday, while the women went shopping. Sunday we went to church and then had dinner and desert to celebrate Lizz's birthday.

It is nice to just be parked and be living a somewhat normal, day to day life. Jenette and John have two dogs that have been keeping Calista quite busy and Tristan really likes hanging out where they are doing all the "construction". Today they tore up the patio and stairs, leading up to the house, so you have to walk through a big sand pile to get to the door. They are making quite a bit of progress though!

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