Monday, February 06, 2006

We THOUGHT our time in Palm Springs was coming to an end!!

Well, we were supposed to leave yesterday morning but here we sit!! Early Thursday morning we drove over to Carlsbad and went to Legoland. What a wonderful place!! Incredible the things they build out of legos. The kids had a great time, especially the rides! Even better, we got to spend the night in a hotel, as we just drove the van over. On Friday we drove into LA, spent a little time on Olvera St. seeing the historical side of LA and then drove around Beverly Hills, Laurel Canyon, Hollywood Blvd, etc. to show the kids a bit of LA.

We drove back to Palm Springs that evening and just about the time we crossed the highway over to Desert Hot Springs the van makes a weird noise and lurches. Something was definitely wrong with the transmission and we just had it rebuilt before we left!! We were almost to John and Jenettes house when we remembered that we promised the kids rootbeer float stuff so we went to turn around and reverse and drive wouldn't work, but neutral allowed us to move forward. So we decided to skip the rootbeer floats and try to make it to her house in neutral. Just as we pulled into the driveway the transmission went berzerks and we had to shut the engine off.

The van was towed over to a shop this morning but they haven't opened up the transmission to see how bad the damage yet. We will know more in the morning. Unfortunately, we won't be able to leave here until Friday, at the earliest. It kind of messes up our plans to see two of Martin's friends but there is nothing we can do about it. We are stuck in nice weather so that is one plus!! And we love hanging out with John, Jenette, and Jolene so it is not entirely bad, just a little inconvenient.

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Jill said...

Hi, I saw the reference to your family website on the Radical Christian Unschoolers website. What a vacation! What kind of motorhome do you have? We have a Winnebago LeSharo and are thinking of doing the same type of thing you are. Good venturing!