Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Las Cruces, New Mexico

We made two stops in Phoenix and Sierra Vista to visit two different people that Martin used to work with, at Alaska Pipe and Supply, Donna and Vic Lajiness and Esther (Frederickson) Harman. It was nice to see them again and the kids had a great time picking citris in Donna and Vic's back yard and rollerblading on Esther's driveway. We visited Tombstone and Kartchner Caverns while we were in Sierra Vista. Everyone loved Tombstone, it is pretty incredible how they have preserved the town and the re-enactment of the gunfight at OK Corral was great! Kevin really liked Boot Hill and reading about how the people died.

The kids also really enjoyed Kartchner Caverns. They were pretty incredible size wise. After our tour of the caverns we drove to Las Cruces. We are going to go to the White Sands in Alamagordo, which is just 40 miles up the road. One of our levelers broke last night, after we pulled in, and we spent a bit of time today trying to find a shop that had a new one with no luck. It looks like we are going to have to wait until we get to San Antonio to get it fixed so we will have to make due with wood blocks to get it level enough to have the slides out. We really like Las Cruces and this town is definitely on our list of places to live. We love the sunshine and the mountains surrounding this place. It seems very laid back and not too crowded, just something about it that we can't put our fingers on.

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