Thursday, February 23, 2006

What a day! We had this feeling that for some reason we needed to go sledding. Why? Well we were not sure. So we went looking for sleds and found them 50 miles north of Las Cruces, NM. We entered this little store and in the corner were sleds just calling our names. Can you beleive that? It is shocking I know. I'm not much of a snow person and Heidi is....well you know. Snow to her is a bad four letter word. Well after we picked out three sleds we headed off to the white sleddding hills. Yes we were going sledding and guess what? It was 65*F and sunny out! Oh ya! Now this was the kind of sledding that I could get use to. Did I mention that the hills we were sledding on were Sand? Yes, pure White Sand! What a blast we had! We raced each other, jumped off the dune edges, piled the sand high and rolled down the hills. After 3 hours I decided that sledding is not all that bad when it is warm out and you don't get cold and wet! As Tristan would say, "This is the best day yet"!

Well tomorrow we are off to San Antonio, Tx. We will be in that area about a week or so. Then onto Orlando, Fl.

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