Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My sister, Ren, posted this on her blog. I thought it was kind of fun so I will give it a shot.

You can play by finishing the following sentences about yourself:

“I am.......... wife, mom (the best ever ;), sister, aunt, clogger, yoga teacher, recycler, vegetarian (currently vegan),a free spirit. I am creative, beautiful, complicated, loud, talkative, spiritual.

“Right now I am in............... a state of complete contentment, satisfied and grateful."

“Most people do not know that I................ am a certified ghost hunter. Really, truly. I got certified by Allen McGee in Erwin, TN. Do you have a house being haunted that needs investigating?”

“I am passionate about.................. yoga and all that it entails. It is so much more than a physical exercise but unfortunately, that is mostly what it is here in the Western part of the world."

“Decades from now, when my children think of me, I hope that they remember ................that I completely supported them in all their endeavors; that everything they wanted to do, ask, inquire about, pursue, or delve into was acknowledged and supported fully; that they were respected as fellow human beings, not puppets to be controlled; that there mom was truly their best friend, their soft place to land, their cocoon of safety; that I let down my hair and had fun with them; that I let them be exactly who they were without trying to change or mold them into something that I wished they were.”

“My soul feels warm and I have a big smile when I remember........... our six month trip around the USA in our motorhome. We took huge risks and lived our dream and we didn't let anybody or anything get in our way.”

“If I could go back in time and give one piece of advice to myself when I was 18 years old it would be to.............. stand up and question everything! It was so easy to accept everything as truth. It limited me in being who I really am deep inside. To not be afraid of what other people could do to me. In my younger years I was so concerned with pleasing others instead of living what I was put on this earth for. And to really live, to do those things I was passionate about and not be afraid to try new things.”

“I think that the most important thing about life is....... JOY, it's all in the joy. The joy of living, doing, being.… And being authentic!”


Heather said...

Very cool! I may have to try this myself. :)

Ren said...

Did you post a link in my comments section? I could just go look but I'm feeling a bit lazy at the moment....:)
I love it.

tribalmama said...

___Eat, Love, Pray___

You just might be planning yourself a trip to India!

Snavleys said...

Actually, I am in the process of planning a trip to India in the next two years. I have been in touch with the yoga studio/school where I will be studying for two months. They are very family friendly and love for families to come with. Obviously, I wouldn't go anywhere without my family! So I'm planning and putting it out to the Universe and I know the Universe will tell me when it is the right time.

Snavleys said...

Oh, and ps- I will get that book. I know you or Kelli have mentioned it to me before and I just need to order it. Thanks!

Ren said...

Well heck, if you wait a couple of years maybe I can join you.


There. How's that for intention?;)

piscesgrrl said...

Go to India to study yoga? What an amazing thing! I just did beachside yoga on the gulf of mexico during a recent trip - it was ahhh-MAZING. I need to find yoga classes here. It was sooo rejuvenating.