Sunday, October 21, 2007

Awesome Week!!

I had the last two weeks off from yoga teacher training. Georgia (our teacher) was on vacation this last week so Heather and I taught all her classes. I had four that I taught this week and it was awesome!! It is such a rewarding job! The first two classes were a little awkward but by the third and fourth class I had a rhythm going and it just felt very comfortable. The thing I love about teaching yoga is that it doesn't have a teacher/student feel, rather it's more like sharing an experience with others. You are just there guiding them through their own practice, and at the same time learning so much from the students and even improving your own practice. I really enjoyed this week and can't wait to teach more classes. I have two more months in teacher training before I'm certified but am pretty sure Georgia is going to let us continue teaching through our training.

We took the kids to a haunted house last night. It must have been pretty scary because our group of kids and the group behind them were all huddled together when they came out. It seemed to be a well thought out haunted house. After the haunted house everyone ended up congregating at our house (some of the kids and Debbie and Ryan). Martin got to mixing some drinks and we had a little too much fun; doing yoga (I know, not very smart), listening to Saturday Night Fever, doing slides through the living room, lip sync, and dancing with the kids. We didn't wind down until around 3:00am! The teens crashed here, as usual, and Martin woke up and made them a big batch of vegan pancakes this morning...................................well, afternoon :) It was just a FUN evening!! I just can't say enough how blessed I am to have kids that enjoy playing with us and hanging around.

I woke up to a TON of dishes covering my counters. It took me three dishwasher loads to get them all cleared off. And the entire time I just kept thinking how great my life is!! I guess I need to tackle the office next. I've really let the house go, especially since I started teacher training. Some of it is on purpose because it's not worth it, you clean and the next day you start over, so why bother. But I do get tired of dirt and grime and I'm almost to that point where I will do a marathon cleaning. We still have remodel projects in the basement, which doesn't help with the mess. There is never enough money to get it all done at once, oh well.


Ryan said...

*AHEM* we were not sliding, we were pulling off the most sacred of rock and roll moves... THE POWER SLIDE!

MatSuDreamHomes said...
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Debbie Murphy said...

That was an awesome night. I love making a fool of myself in front of all of you and my favorite teens. Can't wait to do it again Wednesday!

beth curtis said...

You guys rock! I stumbled on your 5freebirds website looking thru unschooling sites...and you made my day here in Philadelphia. First of all, you are EAGLES fans (its been a rough season, eh?) secondly, you have tattoo's, and thirdly, yoga buffs!? Glad you share the same planet with my family!
Beth C. in Philly PA.

Ren said...

Oh my...those were some interesting "yoga" moves in the pics! Fun, fun.:)