Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Signs of Life

If there was one main thing that I took with me from the conference in May it was this: to be okay with the perfect imperfection and the messiness of life. I tend to be one that likes things organized and clean, which is fine to a certain point, but sometimes I just have to change my perception of all that mess. Earlier today I found myself starting to feel that anxiety around me and I stopped myself, looked around, and commented, "Look! We really know how to live!". Here are some signs of life in our house at this very moment:
ps Calista is going by Justine at the moment.

All the kids had a lego marathon today. Every single one of them (minus Kev because he was working) was out in the middle of this for most of the day today, from Rylee (8 years old) clear up to Jared (almost 16).

It looks like plain old mess but I promise it is a sign of creative kids.

Not too clear, but the sign says "closed". This was part of Justine's face painting business. I have a beautiful butterfly on my face at the moment:)


Heather's Moving Castle said...

Cool!!! I love it!!! Enjoy your beautiful messes. :O)

laura said...

i can TOTALLY relate!! thanks for your honesty, it is sometimes hard to admit that we want things a certain way when that certain way sometimes interferes with all the living that needs to be done and is going on around us all the time!!!

i love how you stopped and reminded yourself of it all!!

Stephanie said...

This is great. We have some signs in various places in the house too.
I love the imagination and creativity that kids have.

Ren said...

Jalen does a lot of opening up "shops" in our house too.:) I love it when he comes to me with very specific instructions about how to help him make an "open/closed" sign. Usually he is selling juice to us...I wonder how much that cup of juice (that I already purchased at the grocery) ends up costing me!! lol

Beautiful mess...that's what it is.

Ren said...

Oh, and you need to fix your link to Kelli's's going to some religious blog, not hers. oops.:) I think it's the difference of one more "l" that is goofing it up.