Thursday, April 17, 2008

I realize that I haven't been blogging too much for the last several months. It's about all I can do to keep up with stuff around the house, much less blog. I've really been having a hard time lately staying in that place of contentment. I'm sick of winter and really wanting to be back on the road; sad that we ever came back to Alaska. On that note, I decided today that it is time to get back to making my list of gratitudes, coming back to that place where I can appreciate all that is good in my life. So today some of the things I am grateful for:

* The sunshine! Haven't been seeing it as much, with all the snowfall, and it just feels really good to have it beaming down on my face.

* My kids! Of course! They just continually amaze me with their creativity and their independence. Tristan has voluntarily begun to do his own laundry! He starts running out of clothes and just gathers them up and puts them in the washer. I never asked, never nagged. I really don't mind doing their laundry at all but he's decided he likes doing his so..........

* The mountains! They never cease to amaze me. It's just incredible to look out the window and find yourself completely, literally, surrounded by these majestic mountains! I don't know many other places quite like Alaska, as far as how beautiful the scenery is.

* My house. I really love my house. I can't explain why exactly, except that it fits my personality and fits the way we live. I complain at times about having so much to take care of and really wishing for an ultra simple lifestyle but there are good things about having more space and I just really like my house- did I already mention that?

* Our three dogs. They add this great energy to the house. And they love so unconditionally. I can learn a lot from them. I love it at night when all three of them crawl up on to our bed and snuggle for an hour before we kick them off to sleep. Then they go snuggle with Tristan because he will put up with being crampled all night.

* My friends and family. And all my "adopted" children. I have wonderful people that surround and support me. The thought of not being able to see them every day is not a pleasant one. Something I need to keep in mind when I wish to be somewhere else.

* My yoga practice and the new yoga studio that just opened up. My practice makes me who I am and makes me much more able to deal with the ups and downs of life. I am much more than this body that I happen to dwell in.

Well, that is a pretty good start to having a good day today. So now I have to work on the Meme that my sister, Ren, tagged me with. I will give it some thought first and post a little later.



Karen said...

Happy you've found your way back to Peace & Balance! :)

Hard to believe there's someone out there who so closely mirrors my own self-thinking. I'm in my head WAAAAAY too much about all of the same things!

Peace & Balance just *feel* so much better!

Heather said...

Hey you finally blogged again! Great gratitude list Heidi.

I was just thinking today of things I am very thankful for. The sun is right up there for me too! It is such a blessing to have sunshine the last few days! And warmth!!! Okay a little warmth. But still!!!

Tanner just today told me he wanted his own laundry basket so he could do his own clothes. He's been good to wash a load of everyones and throw it all in the drier. But that is as far as it goes.

Ren said...

Now I'm missing Alaska even more. sigh.

Love you.

Debbie Murphy said...

I know it's hard to live in Alaska sometimes, but I can't imagine not seeing you and talking to you every day! I for one am so happy you returned, because my life would not be the same if you hadn't!

Debbie Murphy said...
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Snavleys said...

Thank you Debbie!! You brighten my everyday too! I always think of you when I think that I don't like it here because I can't imagine not seeing you everyday either, not to mention Robin and Rylee.

Snavleys said...
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