Friday, April 25, 2008

For the last several months I've developed a passionate interest in dreams and the meaning of my own dreams. Realizing that the meanings and symbolisms of dreams are going to vary greatly from person to person so you can't really go by all those dream dictionaries and such. I've been journaling my own dreams so that I can begin to connect patterns and meanings.

So last night I had this dream that a tattoo artist tattooed an armadillo over the sun on my forearm. He tried to convince me that the armadillo represented the sun so it was all the same. I remember the feeling that I had in my dream - a deep sadness that my sun was gone because I LOVE my sun and moon tattoo's, and that I was stuck with this greenish/bluish armadillo for the rest of my life! I found it interesting that I dreamt about an armadillo since I have only seen a couple in my entire life, and as of the last two years I haven't thought about them, I haven't seen a picture of one, nothing about an armadillo has entered my life.

So I looked up the symbolism of an armadillo today since "when we come across certain animals in our lives it can be an indication that they are put in our path to give us messages from Spirit about what it is that we need to focus on in our personal healing at that moment in time." (taken from one such website). So here is what they say about an armadillo:

ARMADILLO - putting up boundaries. We learn from the armadillo - which, by rolling into a ball, can be completely armored against attack - how to consciously define our own emotional and physical boundaries. Carrying our protection with us and using it when it is necessary for our well being.

I won't get into detail but there have definitely been some things in my life where I definitely need to put up that shield of protection. Very interesting.


Heather said...

Wow! Thanks for all the updates. Our internet was down when we got home a few days ago. Cool to see all you have been up to and how your kids are doing! I loved all your words of wisdom.

Ren said...

Ye gads!...those dreams are interesting things aren't they?

Interestingly enough, I've been reading in "The Dissident Daughter" (can I mention that just ONE more time without driving you nuts?) about her dreams with a serpent in them. The serpent represented female qualities at one time in history and she had some interesting dreams surrounding her feminine awakening (Sue Monk Kidd).

I find the animal symbology well as dreams, especially the one you had in light of what we've been discussing.

Ren said...

ok, could I say the word "interesting" just one more time! Sheesh. This is why I really should edit my comments before I hit "send".:)

Love ya!