Monday, April 03, 2006

Having fun with family

We have been here, in Jonesborough, for two weeks now and having a great time. It is nice to have somewhat of a routine and to just putt around. The kids have been having so much fun with their cousins and I am sure when it is time to leave it will not be easy. Calista and Sierra are the little diva, fashion designing, dancing, chit chatting girlfriends and the boys are all little (and big) computer geeks. We were having a hard time sharing computers so Martin bought his "dream" computer and gave Tristan our Dell. Now everyone is happy and engaged!

Jalen has been keeping us all in stitches with his funny little antics. Last night both girls come out of the bedroom angry and screaming because Jalen ate their gum that they had just bought at the store. When asked if he had eaten it he originally said "no" so Ren asked him, "Well, how did it disappear then?" He replied, "Because I didn't eat it all." Ren asked again, "Why didn't you ask them if you could have some?" and he said, "Because they said all no!!" We got a good laugh and the girls didn't think it was too funny.

The last few days have been warm in the early 70's so the kids have been out in the sprinkler and chalking on the driveway. Mark and Ren are getting some landscaping done and we are all enjoying the beauty of the area. On Saturday we went hiking up Buffalo Mountain and when we came back home the Lovejoy's pulled up to visit on their way home from a 480 mile bike ride that Ben and a friend did. The Lovejoy's are some fellow unschoolers that Martin and I met at the conference but Ren has known for a while now. They have two boys, Cameron and Duncan that are fun and interesting, like all the unschoolers we know!! On Sunday Martin got the chance to take a 13 mile bike ride with Markus, Ben, and Stuart (a friend of the Lovejoy's). He really enjoyed it and might just take up biking when we get settled.

Last night a couple of storms passed over and, for fear of the motorhome awnings being damaged, Martin raced back to the motorhome to close the slides. We sat at the window and "oooohhhhhed and awwwwwed" over the lightning. We have never experienced such a grand lightning show and it was a real treat!! It continued well into the night and Martin and I had a hard time sleeping, as it is very loud on the motorhome roof.

Martin leaves for Vegas on Wednesday to meet some buddies for five days. It will be a little weird and quiet since getting used to having him around 24/7. I am sure I will get a lot of reading done!!

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