Thursday, April 13, 2006

At the Chattanooga Choo Choo

We decided to take a little side trip down to Chattanooga for a few days. We are staying at the original Chattanooga Choo Choo Railway Station which is now the Holiday Inn, restaurants, and shops. The station opened in 1909 and ran until 1970 when they had to shut down due to faster modes of transportation. In 1973 they reopened as a hotel and tourist attraction. It has been fun to be around such rich history, all over Tennessee.

We went up to Rock City Gardens today, what a COOL place!! Definitely one of the highlights of our trip so far!! Paths, crevasses, tunnels, caves and big boulders that you wind your way through to the top of the hill where there is a lookout point with one of the most incredible views I have ever seen. Hypothetically, you can see seven states from that point. The trees have just budded out and it was absolutely beautiful!!!!! Hard to describe.

We stopped in at Applebees for dinner and then back to the hotel. When we got back to the hotel the kids decided they wanted to go swimming (there are three different pools to choose from). The one we went to was an asian style outdoor pool with a little gazebo over the hot tub. We were just sitting there when I noticed a dove sitting in a nest in the eves. She had at least two babies in her nest; that was a treat!!

It has been a wonderful day!!!!

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