Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Martin has been doing such a good job of blogging but I suppose it is my turn this time. We were supposed to head to Ren's (my sister) in Tennessee on Wednesday or Thursday, as we were going to do a little exploring in South and North Carolina before we got there, but we were so burned out after Disney that we decided to surprise them and head up earlier. We left Orlando Sunday morning and drove to St. Augustine. The plan was to spend the day at the beach but even the kids were needing to rest after Disney so we ended up hanging out in the motorhome and catching up on our e-mails.

We left St. Augustine the next morning. We were really missing Trader Joes groceries because they have all the healthy organic stuff that we like so much; Martin had found one in South Carolina so we thought we would go out of our way just a little to stock up on groceries. As we were getting closer to the highway turn off I told Martin that he should call and just make sure they were still open because our GPS has been known to lead us to places that are no longer in business. He called and it ended up being a furniture store! Good thing we didn't go 60 miles out of our way for furniture!!

Since that was out we thought we would go all the way to Jonesborough and surprise my sister. We got in around 8:45 pm and crept up the driveway with the lights off. I called and told my nephew that UPS was trying to deliver a package that I had sent and that they had just called me because they couldn't find the house. I told my nephew to open the door so that UPS could see what house he was supposed to go to. He opened the door and we jumped out screaming! They were really excited and it was fun to surprise them like that!!!!

Markus and Ren showed us around the area yesterday and we had to stock up on groceries since there are 11 of us!! The kids are having a grand time with their cousins and it is nice to just be hanging out and living somewhat of a routine. We were getting a little tired of touristy stuff and needed a break from it. We will be here for 5 or 6 weeks so we will get a really nice visit. We will start feeling like we live here!!

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Tarik said...

It sounds like you guys are having a great time down there! I hope to see you soon. ^-^