Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summertime FUN!!!

We've been having so much fun this summer. We've had awesome weather that has allowed us to do lots outdoors. These are pictures documenting some of the fun we've been having.

Had lunch with my good friend, Leslie, and her son, Garrett, who were in town for a few short hours, from Fairbanks.

Jared and Kev swimming at Bodgett Lake. We met a rockin' unschooling family that live on the lake and have had us over a couple of times to enjoy!

The girls waiting for their turn to launch off the rope swing into the lake.

Calista is flying!

Kev let go of the rope too soon and landed in the rocks. Lani fixed him up with some good Spidey and Batman band-aids. She was afraid it might give his identity away;)

We went to the Moose Dropping Festival in Talkeetna and spent some time hanging out by the river. Martin and Calista are skipping rocks.

Calista searches for some good skipping rocks.

Martin creates some obos.

Some colorful people hanging down by the river. I just thought it was a cool picture.

Enjoying my daughter's friendship.

Calista and I doing tree pose on a log. I love doing yoga out in nature.

Calista doing tree pose. She was here for quite a while. She has awesome focus!

More yoga!

And more yoga!

We leave our mark for others to enjoy:)

My sister, Robin, and her husband, Richard.

Rylee and Calista having fun when the wake from the boats hit them.

Richard and Rex launched their boats on Cottonwood Lake and spent the day pulling us on tubes. It was a blast!! This is Rex's boat that he built in two months. Very talented guy!

Calista and I take our turn:)

Richard pulling Calista and I.

Rylee and Calista.

Robin and I. They tried really hard to throw us, without success I might add.

Martin and Kev.

See! Roxie IS a lap dog!

Rylee, Kev, and Jared after hours of tubing.

Jared enjoying a first for him. He had a blast!! We are trying to give him a good time during his summer with us:)

Jared and Kev take one last run before we wrap up the day. What a GRAND time we had!!! Thank you Rex and Richard!!!


Helen said...

looks like it's been a great summer! love the yoga poses..

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Love the photos!!! Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. Making me wish we were there, too. :O)

Sissie said...

Gorgeous---makes me want to visit Alaska.

Snavleys said...

Sissie- It's been a little hazy due to several forest fires around the state but when it clears up I will take pictures 360 degrees around my house- that will REALLY make you want to visit Alaska. We are surrounded by amazingly HUGE mountains:) I love it in the winter when the moon is full right above the mountains and the mountains are full of snow. It is definitely a beautiful place to live. It's the isolation that is a little hard at times. We have to fly everywhere, unless we want to drive for 3-4 days to get down to the "Lower 48".

Ren said...

I'm missing Alaska so much right now, quit talking about the mountains!! We talk about our mountains here but the first time I saw them my mouth dropped open and I said "THAT'S not a mountain range, that's a HILL range!!" Gorgeous here, but NOT what I knew as "mountains".

Anyhoo, we really need to have a discussion about all the fun you're having with my kid. Stop it. He will never come home at this rate. :) lol
I'm so glad he's having so many wonderful adventures....and that you're documenting it because he won't! Miss you all terribly!!

Snavleys said...

Sorry, we don't know how NOT to have fun:) Yesterday him and Tristan played board games ALL day! They played Monopoly, Risk (twice), Stratego, and Poker. It's been kind of cloudy and rainy for a few days.