Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Panic

"Using new and improved statistical models, CDC scientists estimate that an average of 36,000 people (up from 20,000 in previous estimates) die from influenza-related complications each year in the United States. In addition, about 11,000 people die per year from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a virus that causes upper and lower respiratory tract infections primarily in young children and older adults. "

And why are we freaking out over a handful of deaths from the swine flu? And the above stats are just for the US!

I think the media just loves to see everyone panic.


kelli said...

I know! I've been trying to calm Kyra's nerves because other kids have really been scaring her her :(

Ren said...

I think the pharmaceutical that is now producing the "vaccine" was about to tank. How convenient eh? Yeah, I'm cynical.

Here's more;

How hard would it be to release a little old flu in order to make MILLIONS of dollars from a new vaccine. Some people will do anything for a buck. I'm over the media hype...for sure.

Linda!! said...

Hi! I have an unschooled teen and I love reading your blog. I've given you a Lemonade Award - if you don't know what that is you can see here

Keep up the great work :)