Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wow, I just don't seem to be inspired to blog for the last six months or so. It seems like I just blogged and I look to see that it is always 2-3 weeks or more in between blogs.

Everyone seems to have adjusted to Socky being gone. It seemed very ghostly downstairs for the first week. He used to pop off the couch and meow at anyone that came downstairs and now when you go downstairs there is just a hush.

Our weather continues to be cloudy and gray. We had a few days around 70 degrees but that is it! It's tough when you wait all winter for this beautiful summer and then you don't get one. It still feels like spring around here. We've hardly done any hiking although, it's not because the weather, because this is great hiking weather (besides the mosquitoes coming out when it is cool). We are talking about maybe hiking up a few miles up Pioneer Peak today with the dogs.

So, I am on day four without coffee. I've done this before for up to a week and just couldn't stand it because I really enjoy the ritual of coffee drinking. I've decided that I have a "jacked up" personality without coffee and I'm just getting tired of the constant ups and downs throughout the day. I feel "jacked up" all the time and just felt the need to be a little more even keeled. I do feel a lot better, a lot more centered and mellow. I'm trying to replace my coffee ritual with a tea ritual and so far I feel fine without the coffee. I had a terrific headache up until yesterday but today I am headache free. It actually really scares me when I experience a headache like I did on Tuesday because you realize how addicted you are to it and how toxic it really is.

So, not a whole lot of excitement around the Snavley house. We had a 4th of July party and bonfire. Debbie bought a bunch of fireworks that we lit off - fun, fun! It's always fun to hang out with friends and the teens always come to hang out too. They like hanging out because we are "chillax", according to them. One thing that was really enjoyable for me this summer was when Randall, a friend of Kev's, came over and gave us a fire poi show. I didn't know anyone here did that. I just happened to have a pair, that I got as a gift a few months ago, and gave them to him so at least someone is using them. I don't know when I would ever use them! The following is the video of him doing fire poi. It would have been really fun if it was dark. We don't get dark here in the summer though so it definitely puts a crimp on things like fireworks too. This video was taken around 11:30 pm, just to give you an idea of Alaskan summers.


Heather said...

The fact that you are living your life and setting an example of a mom I am proud to know, I think you have a right to ignore your blog. I blog b/c I enjoy it and it is like a journal of my life. I don't have another documentation I do.

Love to you, mama!

eclecticblog said...

Hey that's where Haley got her chillaxing from!! Too funny!

Snavleys said...

Actually, chillax has been bouncing around for a while but it's a great word isn't it? Chillin' and relaxin':)

kelli said...

Wow! That fire poi stuff is so cool! 1 question though.. are his clothes fire retardant? ;)

Ren said...

Ok, it's cool enough that one of Kev's friend knew how to do that but what I'm sitting here thinking is "who the hell has a pair of those sitting around their house???"

You're even cooler than I previously thought. lol

Karen said...

I'm with you on the 'coffee-as-ritual- thing. I do de-caf. One cup a day; with raw sugar and organic half and half. And don't plan on ever giving it up! So glad you've found a replacement ritual, though! That's important! Missing you!!

Snavleys said...

Well, about that coffee thing, tee hee hee. Sigh! I think I have found that moderation thing. I've been having about 4-6 oz a day. It seems to do the trick; gives me the ritual I like, I get to enjoy the coffee but still feel calm and centered.