Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer, you call this summer!!???

I'm really, truly trying to stay positive here but apparently, in Wasilla, summer has decided to not make her appearance. I'm not entirely sure what we did to her to deserve this kind of treatment but we haven't had but maybe three days over 60 degrees. It's the end of June for goodness sakes!!! I've never, in my 36 years of living, experienced a summer like this. I was so cold at music in the park tonight that I had to come home so I could take a hot shower. Aaarrrrgghhhh!! I know, I know, at least we aren't having any tornadoes or floods but there are lots of places in the US not experiencing tornadoes or floods but at least they aren't shivering their arses off!!

Breathe......................breathe........................inhale, exhale...............................OMMMMMM. I will survive but I'm sure going to be complaining when winter decides to hit us. I think I will go stay in my aunt's guest house, in San Antonio, from August until November when my grandma gets there and kicks us out. At least I will feel like I got a summer.


Heather said...

It has been very mild here as well. We only hit 90 once and in the 80s on and off for 2 weeks, which is odd for us. But Iowa has had flooding and deadly tornados too. Not usual for us.

San Antonio is VERY hot!!!! But as you know a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

Heidi...I KNOW!! I KNOW!!! I have been shivering at baseball games!! It's insane!!!! Just because of our cold this morning I decided to tag along to San Diego with Jeremy next month for a few days....Haley last night if you can believe this said she couldn't wait for winter....LOL...she's a true Alaskan kid!

Ren said...

Come HERE! Texas is lame. There are mountains here ya know.;)
'Course, auntie's guest house looks kinda nice and all.

I am loving summer at the moment. Warm days and cool nights are happening this week. Probably won't last long as July and August are the hottest months here. The tomatoes will be happy.:)

You know, with all that cool weather you should really start another batch of lettuce. You've got plenty of time to grow some salad before the fall weather hits.