Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This week

This week has been fairly uneventful. The kids are enjoying the warmer weather and you can usually find Tristan rollerblading up and down the street. Although, today it is only about 40 degrees and cloudy. The Honglso kids spent the night on Monday night. The kids had a blast but stayed up most of the night and then woke up early so they were pretty wiped out on Tuesday. Both Tristan and Calista took naps and went to bed earlier than usual.

I've been trying to get as much physical activity as I can also; doing yoga still, joined the running team and meet with them on Tues. nights with trail runs on Thursday evenings. I've also been trying to walk the dogs at night so they get enough exercise too. I went rollerblading with Tristan once but would like to include that in my daily routine. I love rollerblading and so does the rest of the family so it is a good thing we can all do together. Kev needs new ones though because his feet have grown about 4 whole sizes since we bought his.

We have several house projects looming over us, hard to know where to start and what needs to take priority. Martin and I are ready to finish up the main things, sell the house and build a tiny, energy efficient house but our kids are really needing the security of knowing we are going to stay put for a while and they enjoy having a little more space so we will stay put for a while. When we bought the house I don't think we were as aware as we should have been of the maintenance on an older home. I love my house though so onward we go.

Martin is still tremendously enjoying his job. Still pending and closing things weekly so we are doing great that way. Still hard for me to get used to not knowing when they next paycheck is coming, hard to budget month to month. I don't often spend frivilously anymore so I guess that is a good thing.

Tonight Robin (my sister) and I are taking my Dad and Stepmom out to dinner for my Dad's birthday, which was last week. We are going to Simon and Seaforts, in Anchorage; a great steak and seafood restaurant. I know, I know, why would a vegetarian be excited about a seafood restaurant? Well, it is my dad's birthday, not mine, and they actually have a few good vegetarian dishes. I can't believe my dad is 64!! It makes me feel old :) My kids told me last night that you don't start getting old until you turn 40 (I've got a little over 5 years) and that you ARE old at 50.......................well! I asked them if they thought my good friend, Sheli, was getting old and they said no. I told them that she is 41. "She's 41?", Calista asked. "Well, she isn't old." Phewww! Sheli, you are safe!


kelli said...

**My kids told me last night that you don't start getting old until you turn 40**

OH NO! I'm getting old then in October!! *g*

Ren said...

Damn! I'm getting a bit too close for comfort.:)

Everytime I think of Simon and Seaforts, I think of "um ordered coffee" and start laughing to myself. Oh, and those damn raspberry mojitos to die for. YUM.

Ren said...

And apparently I like the word "damn" this week...what is up with THAT? Sheesh.

Snavleys said...

We laugh about the whole coffee thing all the time! The other night a lady carded Robin at a Mexican restaurant because they have to card anyone that looks under 30, so I asked her if I looked under 30 and she said that yes, she would have carded me. I turn to Robin and said, "Ya, but I would have had to order coffee first." And oh, I did have one of those to-die-for raspberry mojitos!