Sunday, April 22, 2007

Busy Weekend

Yesterday was fun, exciting, depressing, and exhausting all-in-one. We volunteered at the Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue clinic again yesterday. There were 24 puppies to be adopted! It is a little depressing how many puppies there are that get abandoned every week. There are actually a total of 51 puppies right now that need good homes. The sad thing was that only 8 found good homes yesterday.

They were short on foster homes so we went ahead and took two home with us for the week. So we have five dogs in our house right now. The two new puppies we set up downstairs in an empty room in the house that will one day be my laundry room. It has no flooring yet, just cement, so it works good. We have a pen set up with newspaper so it isn't too hard. We take them out once in a while and give them attention here and there but they entertain themselves pretty well so it hasn't seemed like too huge a task yet.

My sister and I took my dad out for dinner on Friday, as planned, and then my sister and I went to Barnes and Noble for a while. It was a very nice evening out for me!

So the pictures are some from our week. Adorable ones of our dogs (we have a million pictures of them), whom have become center entertainment in our house. The one of Calista is of her SLEEPING, yes sound asleep, on our way back in from town yesterday. The dog clinic pooped us all out! The other one is of my dad's wife, my dad, my sister, and me.


Heather said...

I love the pictures of the dog piles and of Calista precious!

Ren said...

I can't believe Callie girl was asleep like THAT! How cute. The dogs are cute too.:)

Steffi said...

Very nice pictures.They are so sweet!The pictures with your dogs are funny to see.