Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Jalen

Today is my nephew, Jalen's, 6th birthday!!! Happy Birthday Jalen!!

I called Jalen last night because I knew he had his party last night, even though his birthday is today. I said, "Dude, you are old!". He replied, "Auntie!, it is NOT old, it is older!! Old is when you are about to die and you are all spiffy!" I assumed spiffy meant that older people "dress up" more than us younger generation and didn't say much more about it, just got a good giggle. Later I was talking to Ren and she asked Jalen what spiffy meant and he said it meant saggy! I thought I was going to pee my pants from laughing. Oh, from the mouth of babes!

In other news...............we have had this little squirrel visiting our porch so the kids have been putting seeds out for them. Tristan remembered that Grandma and Grandpa used to have a box, hanging from a tree in their yard, that the squirrels nested in. He decided he was going to make a house for the squirrels so him and Martin spent their evening last night building a squirrel house. And it isn't just a box! This squirrel is spoiled, he has a HOUSE with nice pine chips and a deck! Tristan was so tickled and now has to find a place to put it where we can observe from the house.

Last night, on my way to take Kev to Youth Court, the full moon was out and sitting right on top of the mountains. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful things I have seen. It has been really clear so the sky is bright blue. I tried to hurry home to get my camera but since I was 7 miles away it took a little time and by the time I got the picture it was darker and the moon was much higher but, you can see by the picture, that it was still beautiful! My camera isn't as good as some so it doesn't do it justice but I am grateful to live in a place where this kind of beauty absolutely SURROUNDS us.

It has continued to stay between 40-48 degrees and everything is melting fast. It feels like spring but I'm sure it is just a tease, it is only February! The wind started blowing pretty good today and it makes the snow and water evaporate fast. We will usually get this kind of weather for a few days here and there and then dropping back down to 20 in between but this is just lasting for a very long time. I love the warmer weather but sad to see the snow go.


Heather said...

I had to pull over the other night to take a moon picture too! It was incredible!! I need a better camera too! I had to laugh when I downloaded some pictures I discovered the kids took some moon pictures in the store parking lot while I ran in for a couple of things.

Cute squirrel picture...we have a squirrel that has been wiping out our birdfeeder. He's so funny to watch... he runs up and down the tree all day long filling up his nest. He's gonna be one chubby squirrel!

kelli said...

Wow, I'm glad you're getting some warmer weather there. (Although I know we also would be sad about the snow melting :) I think we got the cold temps now. Was close to -30 this morning,,, brrrrrrr

Snavleys said...

Oh, that is brrrr Kelli! That is the kind of weather that Fairbanks (farther north) gets. We dropped drastically over the last two days, although it has been getting to 30 during the day. We get a chinook wind in February/March that makes it warmer at times, which is why it has been so warm the last couple of weeks. The thing that Alaskans appreciate so much this time of year is more light. We are gaining, I think, about 5-6 minutes a day. By end of April we are getting light almost 24/7.

Steffi said...

Wow...that´s very cold !Maybe you must smile because german peoples find temperatures of -2°C already very frosty like last nights.
But beautiful pictures!


tribalmama said...

Gratitude is such a good thing, isn't it? Happy you are feeling it!