Friday, January 05, 2007

Cold Week

Been a pretty quiet week around here. Temperatures have dropped below zero!! I know, you are secretly thinking, "Why would anyone live in Alaska?" This week has been the coldest or at least one of the coldest times we have seen since we moved to this area. Along with the really cold weather we have also gotten a TREMENDOUS amount of snow. It seems we are shoveling every day. This is definitely the most snowfall we have seen since living in Wasilla. We will have a wet, muddy breakup for sure.

Calista is back in the kitchen today, experimenting away. She made a snickerdoodle, cookie-like batter and put it in the bottom of a bread pan. I said, "This is very interesting." She replied with, "That is what I am all about, being INTERESTING!"

I have been putzing around getting rid of a ton of stuff. We are going to have a great garage sale this summer! I'm determined to get the house the way the motorhome was, with just what we need, no more- no less. I'm starting to feel centered again, just getting the clutter out of my life. I think it would do me some good to learn a little about feng shui.


♥ diana ♥ said...

I highly recommend "Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston... very clear, very easy to identify and apply... changes my life everytime I hit this stage :) I'm there now, too!! Gotta get rid so we can move more easily (not just here, but to our new home, too!)

Snavleys said...

Thanks Diana! Tristan likes very empty space too and it really effects him in a big way.