Friday, February 20, 2009

Pictures of my mom, the day after the anniversary of her death. We noticed later that the candle had a heart shape on top, just from the way it was burning, very cool!

Enjoying our M.O.M meal:) Saucy dogs, oh ya!

Our veggie version of saucy dogs. They don't look appetizing but we think they are oh so yummy.

Making boxes for their Valentine's.
Sara and Calista making Valentine cards.

My nicely organized room that used to be the dumping grounds for anything and everything. Just a weird addition that doesn't have a lot of usefulness but it's great for the dog kennels and all the mess of craft stuff.
My awesome buy this week, from Debbie's mom. It is an old paper shelf from an old printing shop. It organizes our crafts quite nicely. Especially with the fun orange paint job I did on it.


Wow, I think I've just been spending so much time on Facebook, catching up with old friends, that I forgot about my blog. It's been so fun to reconnect with people I haven't talked to in YEARS!!

Let's see, February started out with the anniversary of my mother's death. Our family got together with my sister and her family that first Friday and made some dishes that my mother used to make us when we were young, all the way down to desert- frozen yogurt pie. We had chicken enchiladas, saucy dogs and oriental coleslaw, of course all modified to be vegetarian:) We also reminisced over lots of pictures. It was a very sad week for me, as I just miss my mom more and more as time goes by. The horrible, painful, heart-hurting grief is not there anymore but it has just been replaced by a constant sadness for the void she left behind. I dream about her a LOT!

I made a promise to my kids that I would try and make all the holidays Grandma Cheryl-worthy this year. So for Valentines we spent the week making homemade cards and boxes to put the cards in. My sister and I got the kids a couple little presents and we made lots of pizza. Mom usually made an entire heart shaped meal but we didn't feel like doing that. Since pizza is everybody's favorite that's what we did. Our friends, Debbie and Ryan joined us that night and we had a good time. Sara, Kev and a few other friends ended up going to see Coraline and then on to a Rave so it was a little quieter than normal. I woke up that morning to a card attached to my fridge from Sara, Kev's best friend. On the front it said, "My Favorite Place" and when I flipped it over it said, "Snavley family, thanks for letting me hang out at your house and eat your food and all that good stuff! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Sara". We love her and I hope she is always in Kev's life!

Kev had an interview at the pool on Tuesday, for a lifeguarding position. He thought he did pretty good. He should know if he got the job by next week sometime. The people that interviewed him were the same people that supervised his volunteer time so they know him- that's a plus. He also has several friends that lifeguard there- another plus. So cross your fingers for him!

We are down to the wire in getting this remodel project done. The music room and area in front of Tristan's new room are done except for the trim and Tristan's room is down to sanding and getting the primer on. The craft room/dog kennel area is also done and organized, thanks to an awesome deal that I got from Debbie's mom- an old paper shelf from an old print shop. It fits all our crafts perfectly and they are all organized. We forgot some of the stuff we had. It's an area that used to be the drop zone for anything that we didn't know where to put. You couldn't even walk in the room. Now everything is organized and there is space. It's a breathable area:)

I start a workshop tonight and it will go all weekend. Tonight is our study of the Bhagavad Gita; tomorrow is an Asana practice, experiencing the energy of the chakras in movement; and Sunday is about Bhakti Yoga, exploring the history and practice of the path of devotion. I'm really looking forward to it, as these workshops always feed and uplift my soul.

Today is a beautiful day! Yesterday was cloudy and gray and it snowed all day. This morning, on our way to coffee we realized that there was a circle of dark gray clouds all the way around our little town of Wasilla but in the middle was sunny and blue skies. As the day is progressing that circle has gotten bigger and bigger and it is now a beautiful sun, shiny day. The trees are all frosted and snowy from yesterday and it just uplifts the spirit!


Shady Lady said...

I'm sorry you miss your mom so much. You are so lucky to have had her. She sounds like the kind of mom I always wished I had growing up and even now. I love that you celebrate her.

On another note, what a great find! I love the printer's shelf. That is awesome!!

Ren said...

Wow...I'm missing you guys so much more after reading this. It would have been so nice to have you and Robin and all the kids here to remember Mom with.

I feel like I'm missing all the important moments of the kid's lives up there! Ugh. I wish you all lived close and we could trade them around and have sleepovers and all that good stuff.

Mom's death-day was a rough one for me...for many reasons. I love you!!