Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The last two weeks in pictures...........

My niece, Rylee, curled up with her dog, Roxie.

I was a little ba humbug about the holidays this year and Kev was bummed that I didn't make cookies. I came up one night and this is what I found. Kev is vegan so he had to find a recipe online for vegan cut cookies. I think they are beautiful!

Calista's birthday. She wanted ice cream sundaes instead of cake so here are the creations of her and her girlfriends. Maija is missing from the picture because she was in the car driving down from Fairbanks. She arrived a couple of hours later.

Uncle Tony was giving the girls a hard time about make-up so guess who got a make-over? He was a good sport about it and the girls had a great time. The room vibrated with the giggles.

And Maija arrives to a VERY happy Calista!! Calista and Maija, aka Betty and Veronica have been bosom buddies since the womb. Her mom and I are very dear friends and we shared our pregnancy. They have been attached at the hip ever since, at least when they are together. We try to see each other at least every other month. This last spell apart was a long one so they were pretty excited to see each other.

But OH SO SAD when they had to say good-bye. Makes you want to cry!

Our Solstice Party. Tristan is walking on FIRE!! We burned an old coffee table that was really trashed and unsalvageable and Tristan had to walk on it over the fire. Just so everyone knows - it was Martin who was outside supervising!

One of Tristan's Christmas presents. He is a big gamer and spends lots of time on the couch so this was appropriate.

Daddy's "princess".

Martin and I on Christmas Eve.

Kevin and me on Christmas Eve.

Rylee and Calista on Christmas Eve.

I love this picture. I don't know what I was telling them but look at their expressions of disgust on their faces. We were opening some Christmas gifts.

And my HIGHLIGHT of the week- visiting my new baby cousin, Porter, who is in ICU at Providence. Jason (on right) is my cousin. His wife delivered two months early, due to some health issues she has so they knew he was going to come early and were prepared and living at the hospital a week prior to delivery. They will probably be in the hospital until around Feb.10 so I will get lots of visits in before they get discharged and head back home to Fairbanks.


Heather's Moving Castle said...

Sorry about your computer and car troubles. We've been there too! But we can live on one car since our babes are not real busy with stuff yet. I wish you a super new year!!

Hugs, Heather

P.S. If you can make it to the Life is Good Conf. we may see you there.

Karen said...

Oh, my beautiful friend...
I miss you!

Ren said...

Oh, tiny Porter...it's so good to see a pic. Give them all big hugs. I can't believe how different everyone looks. I need to see you guys!!:(

cat said...

i rarely comment but just had to say how beautiful your family is. i've been following your blog and you have been our inspiration to unschool our girls. our oldest daughter is 5 and i must say all is going great! we are letting her take the reigns and she's just motoring ahead with no prodding, prompting, etc..;) so thank you so much for your inspiration!

car trouble and computer troubles are the worse around here. hope all runs smoothly soon!

what a beautiful picture of little porter...so sweet and glad to know he's doing well..:)

thank you agian for your words...:)

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