Wednesday, November 05, 2008

There was an article posted at The Root, on MSN about what white people shouldn't do and what black people shouldn't do, now that Obama has been elected President.

Have we not learned that this just widens the divide? Can we quit separating people by the color of our skin for goodness sakes? We are all part of the HUMAN RACE................period!! What is wrong with people!!!??

And for those of you who just cannot get past the color of peoples skin, what makes the color of your skin so superior? Aaaarrrrggghhh!!! I'm now venting! If we are going to get past this racial divide in this country we are going to have to start looking at people, as people, not constantly separating people because they have more or less pigment in their skin cells!!!

I voted for Obama because I thought he was the better man for the job, I wasn't even thinking about the color of his skin. Can we please move forward?

PS- On the other hand, the open letter to Obama, written by Alice Walker, was beautiful! Worth the read.


suchlovelyfreckles said...

Amen, Sister. :) None of my friends voted for Obama because of his skin color. They were much more concerned with what kind of president he'd make.

RainbowRivers said...

Well said! My 10 year old son was allowed to stay up to watch the elections, it was great to share such a historical moment with him however he really does not understand why it is historical! To my kids people are people and have friends from many cultures but to them, this is just normal and since they have a disabled older sister, they do not see disabilities either, they just accept all this as life, no more no less! To them slavery was just a thing way in the past but is hard for them to comprehend right now. In the end it really did come down to who was the better man for the job and the people wanted change......hopefully a great change for the better! PS. I just LOVED Kevin's writing on his experience of public school!

Snavleys said...

Yes, and I get that it WAS an historical moment. First black president, that is AWESOME! I think he will help close the racial divide for sure. And I get that we are not so very far away from de-segregation and that there is still a lof of lingering anger, etc. and I don't discount that. I just think that if we continue to divide people in this country by the color of their skin we will continue to have racial divide. Next time, on any paperwork that asks me what race I am, I'm going to write purple:)

Rachel said...

I agree.. I'm so excited that Obama is now in office! We'll finally get some real change around here..
By the way, I had no idea you had a blog. I kind of just stumbled upon it. =) I'll add you to my blogroll.

*p.s. just in case you have no idea who I am, this is Rachel from vpa camp and kev's swim team... lol

Snavleys said...

Hi Rachel! Glad you stopped by. Kev posted an awesome blog on here in July (look up in the archives) about Unschooling v. Public School and his experience. You should read it, it's pretty cool.