Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Had a wonderful weekend, with my family, in Fairbanks. It's been a while since I spent an entire weekend with just the family so the trip was overdue for that. My aunt, who moved to Texas last year, was up visiting, which made it extra special because we hadn't seen her in two years since we were on our trip when she left. It was just good to be surrounded by my mom's immediate family and to have that feeling once again that my mom's spirit still lives in others that loved her so much. It was good for my kids to be around a "grandma" that loves and adores them without judgement.

The picture of me was taken tonight. I know it might not be as cute as the last haircut but it sure is EASY, especially with all the yoga I do. Martin likes it so I guess that is all that matters.


kelli said...

Stop it with the "it might not be as cute" ! It is cute! You're cute, silly Heidi/Darma! :)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GARSH...It's ADORABLE! Can't wait to show you mine...Cut SHORT and RED...tee hee! You're SOOOO inspiring! Love ya,