Wednesday, August 22, 2007

School Update

We are on day three. I have so many mixed emotions it's hard to blog on it. The female hormones are a little out of whack this week too so that doesn't help.

I wouldn't say Kev is excited about school but getting through it. I expected for him to have a little more emotion on the whole thing, whether bad or good, but he seems a little blase about all of it. He thinks he is really going to enjoy Japanese, Choir, and English but really couldn't care less about the rest. And he HATES science; hates the teacher, thinks the curriculum is boring, really doesn't like anything about it. The curriculum is stuff he already knows lots about so it's a little mundane. He thought he was going to see his friends a lot but he doesn't have lunch with any of them and he only has a couple of classes with two of them. I will have to say though he is very organized, which isn't a characteristic I have seen much of. He gets home, gets his stuff done and goes to bed.

Dropping him off at the school the first day was extremely eery, that is really the only way I can explain it. All the things about school that just make me cringe was right there in front of me. Like a bunch of bees swarming to their nest, into the box they go. And all day all I could think of was him sitting in this classroom, listening to a teacher talk about stuff, of which much he will never take with him on his life journey, and then shuffle on to the next classroom. It just made me sad. And then he heads to swim practice and I don't see him until 5:00!! When he gets home he barely has the energy for his homework and then he crashes. He absolutely has no free time to pursue the things that he is so passionate about, and he has a lot of passions. He hardly has the energy for youth court, which is something he really enjoys. And I feel like there are only two children living at home right now.

But this is what he wants to do so he will never see me tear up when I drop him off and he will never hear all those voices in my head that say, "please don't go". I will be very surprised if he does another year. We have a homeschool/charter school here where he can do most of the classes at home but has the option of taking classes at the school if he wants. If he wants former schooling I hope he takes that path next year. At least that way he still has the freedom and still has time to pursue other things.


Christine said...

My older two both tried public school last year. My son lasted two weeks (second grade - cried the last seven school nights). My daughter almost went the entire year, but her Tourettes started to mess things up. I expected her to be the one to run from it within a week.

Ya' just never know!

Heather said...

Hope he has a good experience. He is very lucky to have you so supportive of him.

Ren said...

I would bet that he decides the BS isn't worth it the mean time he'll have whole new experiences to add to his model of the universe.:)How cool is that?

Trevor got a call from Game Stop this week and interviewed yesterday. Cross your fingers for him, he really wants this!

Anonymous said...

you are such a good mom - to support him in something he wants to try even though it makes you want to cry. I hope I'm that brave when/if my girls ever decide to try out school - so far they have no interest whatever.