Wednesday, November 15, 2006

REALLY Brrrrr!!

Well, yesterday started off with a nice, strong windstorm (they happen fairly frequently in our area during these winter months). Last night we had some very strong gusts, probably up to 80 mph, as was predicted. It felt like our house was going to fall over! We woke up to the house at 65 degrees because our furnace pilot keeps getting blown out, due to improper installation (yet another project for Martin). No hot water for a shower and, because our stove isn't working properly, we couldn't really start that either. I actually broke down and started one here a few minutes ago and so far not too much smoke in the house. The wind must be blowing in the right direction today :)

I got a phone call that kept me on for a while, during which the kids were fighting in the background. I came upstairs to two big forts that take up my entire living room and quite a bit of mess in the kitchen. When I logged on to my e-mail this is what was in my inbox, from my subscription to Scott Noelles daily groove:

:: Life Is Messy... Get Over It! ::In man's quest to conquer nature, our culture has developed an unhealthy aversion to the natural messiness of life.Heaven forbid you should eat an apple that isn't nice and round and free of bug bites. Those get made into applesauce so we never have to see their messiness!And if our high-tech, Star Trek fantasies were real,we could avoid the messiness of birth and simply"beam" babies out of the womb -- without a drop of blood in sight.Even if you're a "crunchy" parent who's not afraid of nature's messiness, there may be other kinds of messes you abhor, like the messy ways children learn,explore, and process emotions. Or the messy way *you*grow through parenthood.Today, whenever you feel bothered about anything, ask yourself, "What 'messiness' am I resisting?" Are you not allowing your *own* process to be messy?Well, get over it! Life IS messy. :-)Let life's messes remind you how good it is to be ALIVE!

Oh, isn't it funny that we receive exactly what we need, when we need it, when we just open ourselves up to it. Life is messy!! Learning is even messier!! How blessed I am!!!!! I have kids that are creative and love to explore. Kids that know how to cook their own meals and love to experiment. Yes, life is messy but how wonderful it is!!!


Glenda said...

Brrrr is right!

Heidi, we are in the market for a small used RV. What tips or suggestions would you give me on things to look for or questions to ask when buying a used one???

Glenda in TX
(who is a cold weather wimp and thinks 40 degrees is COLD lol)

tribalmama said...

Well, hate to rub it in, but it's a balmy 56 degrees here today in our little banana belt part of the world! :) I'm sure California will have that beat, though, and we'll be there in about a week! Yaaaay!
Hugs and love,

Snavleys said...

Boy, oh boy, that is a loaded question Glenda. It really depends a lot on how your family lives. This is our second motorhome and we like it for some things and dislike it for others. Some of the most important things to think about are sleeping arrangements and transportation (as far as towing a vehicle or not). Sleeping arrangements and storage were the big ones for us. Used is definitely the way to go! I personally like the converted buses the best, just the way a lot of them are arranged.

Snavleys said...

Karen, I am soooo jealous!! It is REALLY cold here right now. We are still in the middle of a horrible wind storm; the worst in three years!! Our furnace pilot keeps blowing out, due to the fact that it is not vented properly. Our stove isn't vented right either so smoke gets blown in the house, but I don't care, I have it stoked up!! I need heat! So we all smell like we have been at a campfire.