Wednesday, September 13, 2006

beautiful fall!!

What a beautiful week it has been! We went from a soggy summer to an absolutely sunny, beautiful fall. There wasn't a cloud in the sky yesterday which just makes the mountains surrounding us magnificent! Yesterday we walked down to the lake (we have lake access in our neighborhood) and collected things to look at under the microscope. One of the things that we ended up looking at was a piece of Lucky Charms cereal (not from the lake :)). All you could see in the microscope was sugar crystals. The kids were really grossed out. And to think that is the "healthy" part of the cereal.

Last week I was feeling quite stressed and wishing for my life in the motorhome again. Owning a house has its benefits but it is just so much more to keep up than our motorhome. Then I was reading about friends that just hit the road and remembering all the fun times we had and wanting to start all over again. Part of it I'm sure was the chaos that was happening around me. Not only are we still not done unpacking but we are in the middle of a construction project and I was finishing up some painting downstairs so that we wouldn't have to move the hundreds of books we have off the shelf to paint later. The kids were also bickering at a new all time high level. And I also spent a lot of time sulking because I wasn't at the Live and Learn Unschooling conference with the rest of my unschooling tribe! So now the painting is done, the unpacked boxes are neatly in one room, the construction project is coming along, the weather is beautiful, the kids seem to be settling down a little bit and I am not so stressed anymore. Although, I am still sulking about not being at the conference, especially looking at everybody's pictures. :)

Oh, and Martin is starting to sell houses!! He wrote up an offer yesterday and looks like he will be writing two more today so it appears as if we won't be worried about starving, at least not this month! He is really enjoying the realty thing. He makes his coffee in the morning and leaves practically singing and comes home all chipper. I haven't seen him like this in a long time..........actually maybe never. He was able to find a car for himself and we paid $2,000 less than we had budgeted for so we were happy about that. He isn't home much and that has taken some getting used to but seeing him happy makes it all worthwhile. The kids and I have adjusted our schedules a little so we can wait until he is home to eat dinner. We like sitting down at the table as a family for dinner. We sometimes don't sit down until 9:00 so I have been leaving lots of snacks on the kitchen island for the kids to nibble on throughout the day.

Happiness is not a destination it is a method of life. Life is good!!!


Heather Brown in IA said...

Congrats on the income and getting settled in!! I know it isn't easy starting over but you've made the most of it! I love your new house, by the way!


tribalmama said...

(((Heidi, dear))),
I'm glad the sun has chosen to shine for you right now! I know I go CRAAAAAAAAAAZY when it's too dreary for too long! Awesome news about Martin. I bet you all are missing him, though, especially after being so close for so long. I miss you, and tell Kevin Happy Birthday for us! (it was the 14th, right?)

Snavleys said...

Yes, the 14th and he was born on the 14th so it is a golden one!! He is having a mystery game today so I am buuuusssyyyy! It should be fun though. He planned the entire thing so I shouldn't complain. So independent, that child.

tribalmama said...

Ooo! Love your funky cool colors in your family/music room!

Ren said...

Happy Birthday to Kevin....late as usual!:)
I wanna visit Alaska next year (do you hear me universe?) and see the house. Can't wait for the next conference, it's gonna be awesome!!