Monday, June 12, 2006

The Buxcels rock!!!

We just spent the last four days with the Buxcels; a very cool unschooling family that we met at the conference and really clicked with. Karen called me her soul sister today and that is exactly what it feels like. We parked in front of their house for three nights and just hung out, ate good food, had GREAT coffee, and just made ourselves at home. It just feels like we have known them for a lifetime! They live in an older, quaint, adorable house that just felt so homey! It was such a good reminder to me that, in our society, we think we need WAY more than we do. We made a comittment to simplify our lives when we took this trip and it was good to be brought back down to earth and be reminded of that comittment. Thanks Karen!! We love your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we drove into Deadwood and took one of their boys, Saylor, with us. He spent the night and then Karen drove up this morning with her other two boys, Stone and Sage, and hung out at the pool with us all day, at the KOA that we are parked at. Last night we played hide and seek with Saylor and Tristan, which is quite interesting when you only have a small space around your motorhome. It was great to see the places that the boys thought of hiding. The last hiding place was up in a tree near the motorhome ,which Tristan ended up getting stuck in. It took him a little bit but he was able to get down on his own. When it got dark we came in and had popcorn and watched TV.

It was so hard to say goodbye but we are going to try really hard to make it to the conference in September; it all depends on what our financial situation is. We will be moving on to Montana tomorrow and should be home by next Thurs. Seems weird because in many ways it seems like we just left to start our trip and it is already coming to an end.

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