Wednesday, May 03, 2006

leaving Washington DC

Well, after three days of this place I think we have had enough! The only one that does well with the big cities is Kevin and the rest of us survive it. It just seems like a production to get anywhere and I just prefer to hop in my car, go where I need to go, and come home!

Yesterday we mostly walked and looked at all the memorials and monuments so it was a little hard on Calista but she made it through the day. The kids really wanted to use the metro, since none of us have ever been on a subway, so we parked at the Largo Center and rode the metro in. All was well until we headed back to the car at 11:00 pm, dead tired and totally drained. We were on the right side of the track but we failed to read the sign on the front of the metro; we were supposed to be on the blue line but accidentally got on the orange line. We didn't even realize our mistake but Tristan had the map in his hands and was reading the signs at all the stops and comparing them to the map. He said "Dad, we are on the wrong train, that last stop was on the orange line!!" Martin said "No way, there is no way!" The guy behind us asked what line we were supposed to be on and confirmed that we were indeed on the orange line. So we had to get off, get on the orange line going the opposite direction, get off again where it crossed with the blue line going the other way and get on that one back to the Largo Center. They got their fill of subways for sure!!!!

We are going to spend the next three days visiting some friends that now live in this area, two being friends from highschool. We are almost done with the touring portion of our trip and then will be slowly making our way back to Alaska, visiting family and friends on the way over and up.

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