Thursday, December 01, 2005

The next phase of our adventure!

Well, we are officially out of the duplex, that we were renting, as of yesterday. It has been a very exhausting week, with getting everything organized, boxed up, and cleaned with the addition of making MANY trips out to the motorhome to get our things loaded up!! I slept 10 hours last night so I guess my body is trying to play catch-up! We have the motorhome parked at Martin's parents house until pull-out day on Dec. 17 (5:00 am). We are going through a tank of propane every 2 1/2 days as the temperatures are below zero right now. Martin has started to count down in days, rather than weeks, since we only have two weeks left!! I am starting to feel like I did, as a child, when it was Christmas Eve and I couldn't sleep because of being so excited for morning to come! It is hard to believe that we are making our dreams come true!!!! Even the kids are excited, after being a little unsure how they were going to feel about it, which makes me even more thrilled!!

One of our biggest concerns was the cat, since we decided to take him with us. We just didn't have the heart to part ways with him since we got him the same time that I gave birth to Tristan and he is just part of our family. We were concerned because when he is reallly ticked off he will pee (just once). Since we are in a motorhome that costs a lot of money and has carpet that cannot be easily replaced, we were very nervous. He didn't eat or go to the bathroom for three days but finally ate last night and went to the bathroom in the litterbox!!! We know we are home free now and he seems to be quite happy. I think the thing that has made the difference is that we put our own bedding in the motorhome along with a lot of other things that are familiar to him so I guess he has just accepted it as home. Hopefully the rest of the trip will be just as smooth for him!

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