Thursday, September 08, 2005

To be or not to be, that is the question..........

I am feeling rather liberated today. The process of finding my TRUE self and shutting off all other voices is taking me through some winding, interesting paths. Today I have been dealing with my choice to be a vegetarian (or not). I have lived a mostly vegetarian lifestyle for 10 years, the last seven with some fish, eggs, and milk. In the last three months I made the decision to include meat in my diet again and I had all kinds of reasons to justify it, the main one being that in many social situations I was unable to eat much of what was being served and I felt rude telling people that I couldn't eat what they were serving. In the last three months I have gained 6 lbs., been horribly lethargic, and generally lacking a sense of well-being. I decided that it takes more energy to psych myself out, stew over questions of ethic, and really not enjoy my food than it does to just accept that fact that I am a vegetarian, that is just part of who I am. I woke up this morning to a bowl of Kashi and soy milk and feel like I am me again! I have a lot of other issues to deal with in this journey but at least one more layer has been shed!

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