Monday, March 30, 2009

Wow, almost an entire month since I last blogged. We've had lots going on this last month; finishing up our remodel project, three birthdays, the Japanese language contest, and a few other things. I just haven't had the chance to sit down and blog.
Since there is far too much to blog about I think I will just post a few pictures:) So here goes:

I haven't taken any pictures of the finished remodel so I will take some and post those in a few days.

This kid is on a funky schedule and is known to fall asleep in the strangest of places. On this particular day he was rolling around with the dogs and the next thing you know he is asleep on the dog bed.

Martin with his buddies on his 40th birthday. We had a wine and cheese night with a bunch of friends and family. Sadly, I only took a couple of pictures- I guess I was just having too much fun.

And Suzanne's 36th birthday.

Debbie and Suzanne on Suzanne's birthday- St.Pattie's Day style

And Debbie's 41st birthday! I told you we had a lot of birthdays!

Debbie on her birthday.

Out my living room window a few mornings ago.

Typical day at the Snavley house:)

Our goofy bird, Bandit.

He thinks he's human. He pulls himself up on the glasses with his beak. Crazy bird!

On his new playground that Martin and Tristan built for him. Doesn't he look happy?

Calista's black eye that Tristan accidentally gave her when he chucked a sled in her direction. Whoops!
We've been feeding the birds and they have been flocking. They are so fun to watch. Reminds me of my momma, who used to spend about $60/mth feeding the birds.

Watching the birds from the living room window and ........................lights out!

Kevin's new haircut. I don't think his hair has been this short since he was a wee one.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Kev got the job!!

Kevin applied for a lifeguarding position with the borough about three months ago-it's a government job and we all know how efficient government employees are (wink). He finally got an interview a couple of weeks ago and then they called this morning to tell him he was hired. So exciting!

Next week he takes the Water Safety Course, which will allow him to teach swim lessons at the pool. That means his starting wage will be $11.60/hr - not too shabby for a 16 year old.

Tristan also got a job! My friend Debbie has a paper route, actually a few, that on some nights takes her quite a while to get through. So she hired Tristan a few weeks ago to go with her to roll and wrap papers and sometimes get out of the car to put them in the boxes. She pays him $20/night. A couple of months ago the boys and I subbed for her and it took us 6 hours! I thought it was the worst job in the world, especially since it is during the night and I'm not one to handle the lack of sleep too well. Tristan, on the other hand, thought it was the best job in the world and thought it suited him well, being that he is up all night anyway. So Debbie hired him! He usually only goes once a week with her, the night that she has the most papers, but since it's been snowing for over 24 hours here and the roads are terrible she thought she might appreciate his help tonight so he will get an extra day in this week.

I'm really proud of my kids! It's so much fun to watch them grow and become independent; each one of them living the life of their choosing- doing the things that make them happy and fulfilled.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Meditation from Dr. Judith Orloff

"Thank you, home, for allowing me to live within your walls. Thank you for giving me shelter, warmth, and security. Thank you for allowing me to live my life in your womb, for staying strong and sturdy, for supporting me, and for your beauty.

Thank you, earth, for the land that I live on and for allowing me to steward life with you. Thank you for allowing me to walk upon your soil, cultivate you, and live in partnership with you. Thank you for supporting my home and my family.

Thank you, plants, minerals, and animals that dwell on the land that I steward. Thank you for allowing me to experience your beauty, share in your wonderment of life, and for the honor of living with all of you on this earth.

Thank you for the wisdom and joy you bring to humanity.

I honor you."